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We teach courses at the bachelor, masters, and doctoral levels of education.

PhD program

  • Molecular Modelling (7.5 hp) FCB3204
  • Molecular Quantum Mechanics (7.5 hp) FCB3202
  • Multiscale Modelling in Chemistry and Biology (10 hp) FBB3570
  • Computational Chemistry (7.5 hp) FCK3001
  • Molecular Response Theory and Spectroscopy (5 hp) FKE3150

  • Quantum Dynamics (7.5 hp) FBB3130
  • Recent Literature in Theoretical Chemistry and Biology (3 hp) FBB3480
  • Research Presentation in Theoretical Chemistry and Biology (3 hp) FBB3470
  •  Computational Python (5 hp) FBB3110

  • eChem : Computational Chemistry from Laptop to HPC (1.5 hp)

MSc Courses

  •  Molecular Modelling BB2280  

  • Project in Molecular Modelling BB2285
  • Molecular Quantum Mechanics CB2070

BSc Courses

  • Physical Biochemistry KD1500
  • Project in Biotechnology BB1220

  • Programming in Python BB1000
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