8-10 November it’s time for KTH Global 2016, the event that highlights all of the international opportunities available during your studies at KTH.

Brain researchers raised helmet awareness at festival

In September, researchers from the HEADs project at STH’s Neuronics unit participated together with various other research groups in the Brain Festival and organized interactive activities together with festival visitors.

New address from July 1st

On July 1, 2016, the School of Technology and Health receives a new address in Flemingsberg. The school is moving into the new building Technology and Health, together with the Swedish Red Cross University College, CAMST, the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, and CLINTEC Medical Imaging and Technology, Karolinska Institutet. The new building is situated by the Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge’s main entrance. All of the school’s research, development and education which has previously been located in Haninge and Flemingsberg, will be gathered the new building.

The new address is:

KTH School of Technology and Health
Hälsovägen 11C
141 57 Huddinge

STH researchers describe the protein behind Huntington’s disease

Researchers at STH have participated in identifying the structure of the protein Huntingtin, which in a mutated, prolonged form causes Huntington’s disease. The research project is a result of the collaboration between the School och Technology and Health and the South Korean university KAIST.

Helmets and ultrasound at Robyn’s girls' festival

STH’s researchers showed their researcher for young girls when the technology festival Tekla took place at KTH in April. The girls learnt how to construct and test helmets and how to take and interpret ultrasound images.

Talking to the professor

Sebastiaan succeeds in the game of flows

He is an agricultural engineer, a former sound technician and STH’s youngest professor. Now, Sebastiaan Meijer is going to optimize the logistic flows of the new Karolinska University Hospital with the help of gaming principles.

ICEBI and EIT 2016 ‒ conferences on Bioimpedance and Tomography

Welcome to ICEBI and EIT 2016 ‒ two conferences on Bioimpedance and Tomography which will take place on June 19-23. The conferences are arranged by KTH, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm County Council and the City of Stockholm.

Welcome to Imaging 2016!

An international conference on imaging techniques in subatomic physics, astrophysics, medicine, biology and industry. The conference is organised by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, KVA.


Promising results for bioimpedance as a tool for early detection of stroke

The technology of bioimpedance seems to be possible to use to discover the effects of a stroke already in an acute phase. This is shown in a dissertation at KTH School of Technology and Health.
– Early discovery and identification of acute stroke could enable the start of treatment already in the ambulance transport of the patient, says Fernando Seoane, Associate Professor in Medical Engineering.

Ny rapport

Nyorientering av svensk sjukvård

Om hur verksamhetstjänande styrning och ledning kan skapa ett hållbart engagemang i verksamhetsutveckling inom svensk sjukvård. Bygger på ett nyligen avslutat treårigt forskningsprojekt finansierat av AFA Försäkring.

Crosstalks: Mats Nilsson talks about his prosthetic hand

- My dream is to make a prosthetic hand that copies the functions of a normal hand completely, says Mats Nilsson, lecturer and researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a guest in Crosstalks on Human Enhancement.

Med sikte på framtidens hälso- och sjukvård

- Jag tycker inte att Sverige sett till sina intressen i medicintekniken tillräckligt, säger Björn-Erik Erlandsson, vice skolchef på STH, i ett personporträtt i KTH&Co.

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