We are thrilled to inform you that a final decision has been taken for the future of the Lighting Laboratory: educational and research activities will be guaranteed, therefore applications for new students will open in Autumn 2014. 

From January 2015 staff and programmes will officially belong to the Building and Design department at KTH ABE – Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Built Environment. 
The Lighting Lab will be strategically integrated in an interdisciplinary environment, which will combine knowledge and expertise in design, engineering and architecture and will benefit from the newly established collaboration between KTH and Konstfack. We are currently working on the description of the professorship in Lighting Design, including the future professor and faculty. 
We would like to express gratitude to all who supported us in this period, friends, colleagues, current and former students. Special gratitude goes to the Bertil & Britt Svenssons Stiftelse and Belysningsbranschen, whose economical support was vital to reach this goal.  Thanks to their vision, an education in Lighting Design at Master level will be possible in Sweden in the future. 
We are looking forward to keep developing the education and research activities in this exciting period for lighting design. I take this opportunity to invite you all to the Light Symposium in Stockholm in March 2015 to celebrate this great news and the International Year of Light.
The Lighting Lab: Federico Favero, Isabel Dominguez, Rodrigo Muro, Gerhard Rehm, Agneta and Jan Ejhed

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