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Results four-month period 1

The school has closed its books at SEK -4.2m for the period January-April 2016. The budget for the whole year is SEK +3.6m. The discrepancy between budget and the result is primarily due to salary costs and external revenue.

Revenue (SEK, millions)

Gru 81,536
FoFu 43,218
Grants, external 51,500
Commissions, external 3,122
Other revenue 2,472
Financial 10


Costs (SEK, millions)

Salaries 105,968
Premises 26,226
Travel expenses 4,761
Equipment excl. depreciation 2,869
Consultancy services 5,675
Operations and other 6,272
TB 22,593
Especially TB GRU KTH 7,627
Depreciation 4,129
Financial 11


Yours sincerely,

Christina, Head of Administration