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Result of external revision and new Docents at ITM

The external revision of KTH and ITM to determine if we meet the environmental standards described in the Swedish standard ISO 14001 took place on April 16-20, for the ITM school. At the end of the revision week, it was clear that KTH passed the revision. I cannot refer to the whole document, but I wish to share some good examples from ITM that was highlighted in the revision document:

  • Minor field studies in the education, especially at INDEK (Anna Jerbrant)
  • Movie on “not another brick in the wall” illustrating the production of bricks and gases from landfill waste (New Mine – Weihong Yang project leader)
  • Digital information in form of youtube movies by, for example, Mikael Ersson
  • Documentation of impact of projects leading to an improved sustainability (Adde Jeihouni and Charlotte Flodin )

Many people were involved in the work with the external revision, but I especially wish to thank Adde Jeihouni and Charlotte Flodin,  who were responsible for the preparation and administrated of the ITM revision work. They did it in an excellent manner!

As I have discussed before, new Docents are important for ITM since they increase the number of people that can act as main supervisors.

Pavel Ramirex Lopez from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has become a Docent in Casting. On Friday April 13 he held a Docent presentation entitled “Casting Research at Swerea MEFOS: Past Activities, Present Challenges and Future Perspectives”. The audience were close to 70 people, since it was held in connection to  department meeting organized by the Department Head Annika Borgenstam. Docent Ramirez is employed by Swerea-Mefos, but after becoming a Docent he will participate in both research and teaching at KTH.

Pernilla Ulfvengren from the Department of Industrial Economics and Management has become a Docent in industrial technology focusing on socio-technological systems. On Friday April 20 she held a Docent presentation entitled “Safety and change in sociotechnical systems”. The audience were 20 people mainly from the department.

Finally, I want to say that it was marvelous to finally get some sunny weather. I hurried up to plant potatoes in buckets and two new cherry trees in the ground. I could not wait any longer for the spring to come, after this long and cold winter!

Pär Jönsson, Vice Head of School

ITM’s Service Center celebrated its first birthday on 1 April 2018!

The event was marked with balloons and loads of sweets.
It has been an eventful year – starting up an entirely new function, with no experience, and without really knowing what needs existed out in the operation. And this had to be done in parallel with recruiting new personnel. It’s no understatement to say that there were some significant fluctuations during the first few months.

But a year has now passed. Our employees, who were newly recruited at the time, now have a whole year of experience. They have got to know KTH and its structure to some extent, and have become familiar with our departments, their employees and their needs.

At times, running support activities is more about setbacks than successes. You need openness, dialogue and the ability to accept success and cope with adversity. To be able to handle situations in a professional manner, to persevere and to focus on solutions.

Annika Lilja and her colleagues have managed all of this with willpower. A huge thank you to everyone!

If you have not yet discovered how the Service Center can help you:

  • Register and archiving
  • Dissertation and licentiate
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Catering
  • Conferences
  • Conference rooms & booking
  • Keys and key cards
  • Post, parcels and couriers
  • Travel
  • Success in the kitchen, print room & conference room
  • Caretaking

The Service Center is your point of access to support and assistance at the ITM school. You can contact the Center at any time if you have questions or to report faults of any kind.

The school’s offices are open Mon-Fri 8.30 am to 4.30 pm (except holidays and bridge days). All matters can be sent to

If you have not yet been in contact with the Service Center, we hope to be able to help you in future too!

If you are already using the Service Center’s resources, we are always happy to receive any suggestions you may have for improvements. Without this feedback, we have nothing to work towards. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please send them to Annika Lilja, I am convinced that she and her colleagues will do everything they can to help you!

Take care!

/Christina Carlsson, Head of Administration