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Information from the school’s Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs has moved to Lindstedtsvägen 3, 6 tr. We have now made a joint decision to extend the office’s service and availability towards students pursuing programmes at the school. As from December 1st a service desk will be in operation, Monday-Thursday from 09:00-13:00. A telephone service is also being introduced to … Continue reading “Information from the school’s Office of Student Affairs”

Results four-month period 1

The school has closed its books at SEK -4.2m for the period January-April 2016. The budget for the whole year is SEK +3.6m. The discrepancy between budget and the result is primarily due to salary costs and external revenue. Revenue (SEK, millions) Gru 81,536 FoFu 43,218 Grants, external 51,500 Commissions, external 3,122 Other revenue 2,472 … Continue reading “Results four-month period 1”

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter!

Open Days at KTH Royal Institute of Technology This is an opportunity for prospective students to get answers to all their questions about KTH and to meet students, lecturers and study advisers for undergraduate programmes. KTH will be providing drop-in study advice, walking tours of the campus and seminars. There will be active participation from … Continue reading “Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter!”

How are things at ITM?

It will soon be time for a new ”MUS” employee survey. “MUS” can be seen as a temperature gauge that tells us about the general atmosphere at the workplace and how we balance our jobs with our leisure time. To get the best possible picture it is important that as many people as possible answer … Continue reading “How are things at ITM?”

Greetings for the new year

Do you remember what it felt like to open a brand new paper calendar? Every sheet a clean page, completely blank, no doodles, no “to do” lists. Gradually you filled it up by hand. This is still how I feel today when I return to work after the Christmas break, but there are no blank … Continue reading “Greetings for the new year”