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Computer science education

The Computer Science Education research group (Cerise) consists of professors, associate professors, lecturers and doctoral students teaching for example programming, algorithms and datastructures, Internet programming and software engineering.

Computer science education research is an interdisciplinary area aiming at improving the understanding of how students learn computer science and how the teaching and assessment of computer science could be improved.

At KTH we are collaborating with the Technology Enhanced Learning group, the division of Learning and the educational developers. Additionally, we collaborate with UpCERG, the Uppsala Computing Education Research Group at Uppsala university.

We publish and take part in international conferences, such as ITiCSE, Sigcse, Koli and Fie, as well as in Swedish conferences such as NU and Utvecklingskonferensen.

We use ideas and results from educational research to improve our own courses and education. We also evaluate our own educational ideas that we try out in our courses, and disseminate the results internationally, nationally, and to KTH.


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