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About posting a thesis

According to a decision by the KTH president, doctoral thesis and licentiate thesis should be handled according to the same routines and be made available (posted) in both printed and electronic form, at least three weeks prior to the doctoral defence or licentiate seminar.

The posting must be done no later than three weeks (21 days) prior to the public defence/seminar. The public defence of doctoral thesis (disputation) must take place between 9 January and 15 June or between 15 August and 20 December.

A doctoral student nailing a thesis

The electronic posting is carried out in the KTH publication database DiVA. Posting your thesis includes registering information about the thesis and the defence of the theses, as well as uploading your thesis in full text (pdf). It will then be made freely available. Only material protected by secrecy is exempted from this. If you have written a compilation thesis the summary should always be uploaded in fulltext as a pdf.

Posting in printed form means that you deliver one printed copy of your thesis to the library. You may also, if you choose to do so, hang a copy of the printed thesis in the thesis tree in the library hall. The copy in the tree will be taken down the day after your defense and given away.

Note that you need to post both in electronic and printed form.

To facilitate the posting process it is important that everything is done in a certain order. Please go to the web page Posting step by step  to understand the posting procedure in DiVA.