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Posting step by step

Please note that the process of posting (step 1-4) should be finished at the latest three weeks before defence.

1. Create a print-ready pdf of the thesis

Theses should follow the instructions regarding KTH's graphical profile . The thesis should also be part of a TRITA-series. Contact your department to find out what TRITA-series your thesis should be included in (and to get the TRITA-number.)

Your doctoral thesis or licentiate thesis should be given an ISBN. Order the ISBN here.

2. Send the thesis file for printing to the printing office

The print office will deliver the thesis in electronic form (one pdf for electronic publishing and one pdf for electronic archiving) . They will also deliver the thesis in print format.

3. Register your thesis in DiVA and upload the full-text:

  1. Log into DiVA
  2. Choose Add publication /Upload file
  3. Select the correct publication type. If you have written a compilation thesis you should first register the appended papers in DiVA, if they are not registered already. You should also register information about manuscripts (not yet published or submitted articles).
  4. Register all information about your doctoral thesis or licentiate thesis.
  5. Register your KTH id in the field ”Local User Id”. You find your KTH-id on your profile page (starts with "u").
  6. Choose your organisational affiliation in the field ”Department, unit or programme”.
  7. Upload a full-text file (pdf) of the thesis which you get from the printing office. The other pdf you receive from the print office is the complete thesis which you should upload .Choose "only for archiving" when you upload it. If you have written a compilation thesis only the summary should be published. 
  8.  Please note that the record that you have registered for your doctoral thesis or licentiate thesis will not be available in DiVA until it has been reviewed and approved. This should be done three weeks before defence.
  9. Accept the publishing conditions in DiVA
  10. Make sure that the information you have entered is correct and select Submit. As soon as the record you have registered has been published by KTH Library it will be visible in DiVA.
  11. Sign the and hand it in to the library by post, the book drop outside the library or at the information desk.

4. Sign the Media Agreement

Hand in the Media_agreement (pdf 347 kB) to the information desk at the library, the book drop outside the library or by post together with one copy of the printed thesis to the library.

5. Hand in a printed copy to the library

To the information desk at the library, the book drop outside the library or by post.

When you have done all this your posting of the thesis is done.

Please contact us if you have any questions