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Internship at the CBH School

An internship is a project that does not reward credits at KTH. It is not a part of a study programme at KTH. Internships or traineeships at the CBH School are only available for external students registered in a programme at an extern higher education institution and is given credits for the internship at KTH.

Students registered in a programme at KTH can only apply to do an internship abroad or use an internship project as project course rewarding credits within their programme. KTH students and exchange students cannot register for an internship at KTH. The following information on this page does not apply to KTH students.

KTH students who wants to do an internship abroad can get more information here: Internship abroad|KTH

Find a project at the CBH school

  • Through the KTH Degree Project Portal . Most existing KTH projects for students are published there.
  • Through the departments- It is possible to contact the research group of interest directly. You can find contact information on each department's website under departments at the CBH School .

Registration at CBH school

Read the information on this page carefully. When the project is approved by the supervisor at KTH and the tripartite agreement is signed, the student can apply to be registred at the school using the link below. Apply at least two weeks before the start of the project but no earlier than four months before project start. You will be notified via email when your application has been approved.

Application form traineeship at CBH

The roles

Information about the roles of the different parties for an internship at the CBH School.

The intern

The intern must be actively registered in a study program in higher education institution. An intern at KTH does not have the status of a KTH student and therefore not the same student rights. The intern is under the responsibility of the department and division where the supervisor of the project is attached.

The Swedish employment laws are applicable. The intern should comply with KTH's rules and regulations as well as its professional practices. Should the intern fail to do so, KTH may put an end to the internship.

The supervisor (mentor) at KTH

The supervisor has received approval from the head of the division or by default the head of the department to supervise internship at the school.

The supervisor is employed at the CBH School and must support and encourage the student to independently work with and complete his task in accordance with the established project plan.

Parts of the practical, ongoing supervision can be delegated to one or more other people with sufficient competence for the intended supervision (for example, doctoral student).

A doctoral student cannot act as the main supervisor and therefore should not sign agreements.

The supervisor ensures that the student becomes familiar with organization, requirements for documentation, necessary routines and safety aspects that apply to the workplace.

The home institution

Represented by an academic mentor or the administrative coordinator, the home institution validates and recognizes learning outcomes achieved by the learner.

Tripartite agreement

KTH codes:

OID: E10209479
Organisationsnr: 202100-3054
Vat nr: SE202100305401
PIC-kod (EU): 999990946
Erasmus-kod: S STOCKHO04

An internship does not require a bilateral exchange agreement with the partner institution. However, a tripartite agreement between the student, the home institution and the supervisor at KTH must be signed.

The home institution is responsible for providing the proper agreement to the student. Within EU, Erasmus Traineeship agreement are preferred. Only one agreement should be signed for the project.

Erasmus Traineeship Agreement is available on the European commission webpage. It is most often provided by the sending institution directly to the student.

Learning Agreement for Traineeships KA131

For non-Erasmus students, if no agreements are provided, it is possible to use the template below:

Tripartite agreement for Internship at KTH (docx 65 kB)
(ONLY if none provided by the home institution)


KTH will provide an accident insurance and a liability insurance to the trainee (if not provided by the Sending Institution) in condition that the internship rewards credits at the home university. The insurance does not cover free-time activities.

What does the insurance cover?

  • accidents during travels made for work purposes
  • accidents on the way to work and back from work
  • personal injury protection
  • medical and dental coverage
  • personal property coverage
  • third party liability
  • legal expenses

More information on Kammarkollegiet webpage

Visa / Residence permit / working permit

EU/EEA citizens and long-term residents do not need to apply for a residence permit or contact the Swedish Migration Agency. A long-term resident is a person who have lived in an EU country for at least five years with a residence permit (one needs to apply for long-term resident status in that country).

If you are a citizen in a country outside the EU, you need to apply for a swedish residence permit to do your internship in Sweden or in a few specific cases, a work permit. The authority responsible for issuing residence permits in Sweden is the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). A visa is not enough!

Please note that the CBH School is unable to influence or expedite the processing of your residence permit application. It can only be motivated by an invitation letter (or tripartite agreement) from the supervisor.

It can be necessary that the supervisor initiate the procedure of the residence permit application on the Swedish Migration Agency webpage.

It is not possible to apply for the residence permit from Sweden and it can be necessary to physically go to an embassy or consulate in the country of application.

Trainee higher education|Swedish Migrations Agency


If you are a PhD student, KTH Relocation might be available for visit of at least 1 month.

Housing at KTH Relocation|KTH

For all other students, due to a change in Swedish law, KTH can no longer offer accommodation for interns at KTH. See information KTH accommodation eligibility on the page below:

Eligibility at KTH accomodation|KTH

Information to find accommodation on your own:

Finding housing on your own|KTH

Financial support from the department

For any financial support from the supervising department, a SINK application must be made via The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

More information on (external page) .

KTH account and access card

KTH account are created automatically during the student registration. If the student already have an account, it will be updated with information about the internship.

The access card, with relevant limited access, should be ordered by the supervisor at the CBH local services. Supervisors and managers can use the KTH form at Access cards|CBH .