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Research in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science conducts research on basic and applied level and solves real problems and challenges in society. Our research is performed with scientific excellence and in partnership with society.

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The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science conduct research that is world-leading within our field. Our research contributes to future solutions in theoretical computer science, applied computer science, robotics, medical science, nanoelectronics, smart grids, intelligent transport systems, secure infrastructure, computer systems, photonics, computational biology, media technology and interaction design, as well as speech and musical communication.

KTH’s research within electrical engineering and computer science is internationally prominent and reaches high rankings within its field. It is the combination of different approaches and methods, as well as a thorough knowledge of the core subject that makes it possible for us to lead the way in our field.

Our research is carried out at 16 divisions, each dedicated to a certain area. Together they cover all aspects of the field of electrical engineering and computer science. There are also several competence centres at the school. The centres serve as platforms for our researchers, students and teaching staff to form networks and co-operate with industrial and academic partners.

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Last changed: Jun 29, 2020