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  • Collaboration with the City of Stockholm and three-dimensional properties

    Extension of 3D RRRs (Bild: Prof Stefan Seipel)
    Published May 27, 2021

    Jenny Paulsson is an Associate Professor in Real Estate Planning and Land Law the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. Much of her w...

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  • New forum for discussion and cooperation on housing issues

    Ola Grönlund/ Pexels
    Published Mar 24, 2021

    Anna Granath Hansson is one of the researchers in the new network for housing research in Stockholm (Forum för Bostadsforskning Stockholm), who wants ...

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  • Their article won Outstanding Paper award

    Published Nov 23, 2020

    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson's and Rosane Hungria Gunnelin's article "Defects in newly constructed residential buildings: owners' perspective" has won t...

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  • Will procurement requirements be the solution for carbon reduction in infrastructure projects?

    Published Jul 08, 2019

    Are procurement requirements the answer to carbon reduction in infrastructure construction projects? The recently finalized research project Impres ha...

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  • Interview with doctoral student Mo Zheng

    Published Feb 15, 2018

    Mo Zheng is a doctoral student at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. Her research is within the field of Building and Real Est...

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