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KTH's research platforms promote interdisciplinary collaboration that provides conditions for new, pioneering knowledge that contributes to solving future challenges.

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Competence day

Future competence for a sustainable energy system

5 December

Sweden/the world is facing enormous growth in the energy sector to meet the transition for a sustainable society and energy-independent Europe. This requires competence and cooperation. Welcome to a network meeting which aims to allow industry, authorities, and academia to meet in dialogue on the energy issue.

Workshop report

Autonomous transport systems can benefit both society and the climate

In September 2022, KTH Digitalization and Transport platforms held a networking event, organised within Fordonsdalen. There were stimulating presentations and interesting discussions around ideas on how to make future transportation more sustainable. 

View the workshop recordings
Read the workshop report

Platform day report

KTH puts the food industry in focus for a sustainable transformation

Over 150 people from academia and industry gathered at KTH in October 2022 to discuss the transformation of the food industry. The food industry accounts for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions and is thus facing a gigantic transition, from production, transport to changed eating habits. Many participants reflected on how important it is that KTH now takes the initiative and leads the transition.