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  • Paving the way to digitize lubrication

    We stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, with emerging technology breakthroughs in fields like AI and the Internet of things – but little in the field of lubrication. At least until now.

  • SSES wins award

    The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) – a unique collaboration between leading universities in Stockholm – was awarded a prize for ‘Outstanding Contributions to Venture Creation’ at the 2018 Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Conference in Chicago on October 30.

  • Get started with Wikipedia!

    During the Wikimania conference week we want to inspire researchers and students to share their knowledge by editing and writing in Wikipedia. In this hands-on lunch workshop, you'll learn how to use and contribute to Wikipedia as part of your work at KTH.

  • KTH doubles capacity of ventilators

    With an urge to contribute and with the department's 3D printers, the Department for Production Engineering (IIP) has helped Karolinska Institutet to manufacture components that double the capacity of a ventilator.

  • Södertälje secures sustainable industrial expertise

    Södertälje will deliver engineers and doctors who have sustainability in their DNA. With two new education programmes starting this autumn, KTH’s southernmost campus is now fully equipped to produce graduates who will be the workforce of the future.

  • KTH joins the HYBRIT Initiative for fossil free steel

    During 2018, KTH’s Materials Science and Engineering department joined forces with LKAB, SSAB and Vattenfall in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of steel production.

  • Sweden’s first 5G network inaugurated

    In December 2018, Sweden’s first 5G network opened at KTH's campus.

  • Digital tools for young storytellers

    How will tomorrow’s children become eager storytellers and conquer the written word? Together with Berättarministeriet (The Ministry of Storytelling), KTH's Stefan Stenbom studies how digital technology can encourage children to tell stories.

  • Raising awareness about gender equality

    Only about 25 per cent of the students and 20 per cent of the faculty members at ITM are women. To address this gender imbalance, and raise awareness of the issues facing women and minorities in academia, a number of initiatives are now under way.

  • KTH joins innovation community on urban mobility

    KTH and ITM further strengthen their networks, innovation capabilities and international appeal by participating in ‘Mobility for Liveable Urban Spaces’ (MOBiLus) – an EU transport research initiative consisting of 48 partners from 15 countries.

  • Your profile page and contact lists

    Profile pages are among KTH's most visited web pages. The profile page is the place to describe yourself and your work, both for external parties and employees at KTH. The profile page is also linked to the personnel list for your unit, so that people can easily contact you.

  • Four students in Live-In Lab’s test beds

    KTH Live-In Lab is a platform of multiple test beds with the purpose of speeding up the pace of innovation for ‘green’ tech in housing and construction.

  • We provide energy globally

    Our Department of Energy Technology (EGI) is involved in several international projects financed by the UN and the World Bank. They aim to ensure access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all.

  • Teamwork is the keyword

    It’s a pleasure to hand over the “School of Industrial Engineering at glance” or “ITM at a glance” covering some key statistics and happenings of the years 2017-2018, while highlighting a few important activities relating to the KTH president’s keywords for the future: Sustainability, Equality, Internationalisation and Digitalisation.

  • ITM helps government define "digital excellence"

    The lack of digital specialists inhibits innovation and growth in Sweden, according to OECD. The need for digital competence today is already big and is expected to increase in the coming years as digitalisation and new technologies develop. KTH and researchers from ITM are involved in finding a solution to the problem.

  • “Learning glass” a boost for video lectures

    In a studio at KTH, a team is elaborating video recordings where the speaker make notes on a glass screen. With an air of magic, "Learning glass" lifts distance education to new heights.

  • ITM Management Blog with Pär Jönsson

    Bergsskolan celebrates 200 years with a conference. Deputy Head of School Pär Jönsson highlights this Jubilee Conference in June, arranged by the Department of Materials Science together with the KTH Materials Platform. Register and read more about the event in Pär's blog post.

  • Ice age walk in a digital era

    If the students cannot access the ice age walk, ice age walk must come to the classrooms. In a short time, House of Nature has turned a guided tour outdoors into an digital indoor experience.

  • Seminars that want to change industry and society

    A seminar series addressing Industrial and Societal transformation towards sustainability starts in the fall. With a mix of inspirational speakers to more focused presentations by both external and internal speakers, the organizers hope for exciting meetings.

  • Frauke Urban at INDEK, is one of the Climate Champions of Startup Climate Action

    Time is running out and we must act quickly to limit global warming to 1.5° C. Startup Climate Action therefore has a challenge-driven approach and focuses on UN Sustainability Goal # 13 − Climate Action. The starting point is 13 Climate Challenges, presented by 13 Swedish Climate Champions.

  • A new center for edge computing - TECoSA

    Hi, Martin Törngren who’s organizing the launch of the new competence center TECoSA on March 26th as its director.

  • This is how we'll work at KTH after the summer

    All campuses will reopen for on-campus education this autumn. Starting 1 August, buildings will gradually be opened to students.

  • SPS staff given Best Paper Award

  • Accessible web content at ITM

    First we had GDPR, now we have the The law about accessible digital public service. In September, it will affect every person who has a profile page at KTH. If you are a teacher, study counsellor or manager, there are even more things you need to know.

  • ”Skills in presenting your research is a game changer”

    How do to make people listen to and understand your research? Anders Salman and his collegue Pontus Ströbaek are invited to KTH to coach researchers to sharpen their skills when talking about their research. We asked Anders Sahlman what to expect the 19 th November.

  • Learn how to present your research

    SEMINAR: "How to talk about your research so you blow people off their chair". Exclusive seminar/workshop with Anders Sahlman and Pontus Ströbaek for employees at the Schools ITM and EECS.

  • A JML beginner’s reflections

    Gender equality at work is not just about the proportion of women and men or fair wages. It is also about what is deeply rooted in the organisation - the culture. Ulrika Georgsson, Communications Officer at ITM and new to the JML group, reflects in her chronicle on gender equality and diversity.

  • ITM aims to improve KTH ranking

    How can ITM contribute to KTH’s position in the global ranking system for universities? That’s what Hatef Madani, impact leader at ITM tries to find out.

  • Denise McCluskey will manage the IRIS project

    Hi Denise McCluskey, new program manager in the overall school initiative IRIS (Research Initiative on Sustainable Industry and Society). Tell us about IRIS, what is it?

  • "Once upon a time I was invisible…"

    Being in a room, unnoticed and unable to understand the language, can bring on feelings of exclusion. What happens to us when we don't understand what’s being said? Ulrika Georgsson, a member of one of the ITM School's JML groups, casts her mind back to moments she would rather forget.

  • Many people remain silent

    In Sweden, we are often bad at saying what we think. Afraid of conflicts, we prefer to nag on our own without saying outright what we see. But if we practice giving and receiving feedback, we may get more inclusive and equal workplaces. Ulrika Georgsson discusses this in her column.

  • All genders try to be macho

    When was the last time you were genuinely interested in a colleague's ideas? And can you be yourself at work? Maybe strange questions, but crucial for your wellbeing and performance at work.

  • Schools get local support for digital teaching

    Now all schools will offer their teachers help to make the education digital. Andreas Alm Arvidsson leads the project ”Local support” with the goal that KTH shall provide just as good support in digital teaching and examination as in physical.

  • The meeting idols in my life

    There are plenty of meaningless meetings. The ones where you wonder why you are invited, meetings that you do not understand the purpose of, or where everyone suddenly has technical problems and disappears. Or worse, meetings that you attend but are not noticed. But some people know how to make meetings effective; Ulrika Georgsson remembers her favorites.

  • Safety representative at ITM

    The safety representative has the legal right to be present and cooperate in planning and changes to the work environment. They represent the employees, promote a good work environment and report shortcomings in the work environment.

  • When the environment does not match your abilities

    The year is 2019, and Ulrika Georgsson is engaged in meeting the new law on digital accessibility. She reads all details of the law and teaches how KTH's web editors should create content. Then, she suddenly hits the wall. She becomes one of those in need of the adaptations made with the disabled in mind and gets food for thought.

  • What do the JML groups actually do?

    There are plenty of ideas for things that can make ITM more equal and inclusive. During the JML groups' latest workshop, plans for the coming year were presented. Swedish Fika, a developed meeting culture and reviewed recruitment processes are things that are on the agenda.

  • Chang Su makes district heating more sustainable

    Chang Su's IRIS related research about the decarbonization of the Swedish district heating sector has received funding from the Swedish Energy Agency.

  • ITM at a glance

    ITM at a glance covers some key statistics and happenings from 2017 until today, while highlighting a few important activities relating to the KTH president’s keywords for the future: Sustainability, Equality, Internationalisation and Digitalisation.

  • KTH in steel revolution

    When the UN Climate Summit gathered the world's leaders in New York last fall, two Swedes were the talk of the town: Greta and "HYBRIT" - an initiative by SSAB, Vattenfall and LKAB that will make steel production fossil-free and substantially reduce CO2 emissions in Sweden. KTH plays an important role in what is called a revolution in steelmaking.

  • “Teachers must lead the digitization"

    After months of pandemic most of us have embraced digital tools - especially teachers who have been forced to take on remote teaching. But where does the digital push forward lead to when it comes to learning, what will education and learning look like in the future? What are the innovations waiting around the corner? We had a talk with Stefan Hrastinski at Digital Learning (via Zoom of course), to get a glimpse of the future.

  • Annual newsletter about ITM

    We are proud of all the fantastic achievements that the co-workers at the school do! So we gathered some of the projects and people of 2020 in an external newsletter.

  • The autonomous forest machines are here

    Researchers and students from KTH have been involved in the development of a new autonomous forest machine that picks up timber. They have both developed the software in the prototype called XT28 that is just being demonstrated in real life and developed a smaller model for test and development projects. Self driving forest machines are both more efficient than classic work vehicles and reduce the amount of ground damage.

  • Two Södertälje projects on IVA’s 100 list

    When IVA presents its annual 100-list, two research projects from KTH Södertälje are included. This year, the theme is crisis preparedness and Magnus Wiktorsson's work with production logistics presents solutions for Swedish industry to be more stable during future external crises.

  • The SDGs hit hard by the pandemic

    It is not only humans who have been affected by the pandemic. So has the work on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. But, according to a new study, there also exists a silver lining for sustainable transformation. “We should act now to capitalize the opportunities and redesign the plans for how we can achieve the SDGs“, says researcher Dilip Khatiwada.

  • “The industry needs experts in circular manufacturing”

    Hi Farazee Asif, why has the Department of Production Engineering (IIP) started a new master’s course on Circular Manufacturing Systems (CMS) – a course that you are responsible for?

  • Web editors at the ITM School

    The ITM School's external website is managed by the communications team, primarily by the school's designated webmaster. Each department and center also has its own website which is managed by editors.

  • “They’re not with us”

    We all have our prejudices, no matter how hard we try to shake them off . What matters is how we act on them. Ulrika Georgsson, Communications Officer at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, believes that knowledge and intention go a long way, as does admitting we sometimes think unfitting thoughts.

  • "An equal engineer is a better engineer"

    Can we be best in gender equality and thus deliver better engineers? Martin Edin Grimheden, Head of Department of Machine Design, thinks so. His mission is to make more people realize the same through education.

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