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  • CPS Education Development Workshop at UC Berkeley

    What competences should a future CPS engineer be equipped with? Professor Martin Törngren (Dept of Machine Design, Mechatronics/ICES) gathered leading education developers and industrial representatives to consider this question in a very well-attended workshop at UC Berkeley.

  • Holistic Design Methodology för Mechatronic Systems

    The Mechatronics Division will shortly be published in the IMechE’s Journal of Systems & Control Engineering. Daniel Malmquist and Daniel Frede, along with their supervisor Jan Wikander, have written a paper on how to achieve quick optimsation and evaluation of mechatronic system design concepts using a new concurrent and holistic methodology.

  • Developing Modeling Languages - Two Models

    A major problem facing many engineers today is the sheer scale of information exchange and communication required in product and process development projects. This particularly affects Mechatronics engineers, who are not only reliant on their multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle the task in front of them, but are also an increasingly in need of a broader awareness – alertness, even - when interacting across disciplines with other design teams and stakeholders.

  • New unit manager at Mechatronics

  • Pop star Robyn lights up KTH lab project

    International pop star Robyn is the inspiration for a dancing robot being developed by third- and fourth-year mechatronics students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology; and the singer recently visited their lab to offer some suggestions on prototypes the group developed.

  • Paving the way for Cyber-Physical Systems

    Mechatronics professors Martin Torngren and De-Jiu Chen are behind KTH’s involvement in a new EU project within the field of Cyber‐Physical Systems (CPS), which can be broadly defined as the integration of computation (the Cyber part) and physical processes. While such systems are not new, the increased networking and deployment of embedded systems provides unprecedented opportunities and enables the development of larger scale systems that integrate the physical world, embedded systems and the internet.

  • Professor Martin Törngren in SVT news show Gomorron Sverige

    Under the title "Självkörande bilar snart i en bilkö nära dig" professor Martin Törngren, KTH Machine Design, division Mechatronics, is being interviewed about the future techology of cars.

  • Update on The Robot Project: The robot named!

    According to the previously established schedule, the project would be completed in early January. But just before Christmas, a bit ahead of schedule, the students were able to present their creation in front of tutors, friends and families.

  • Mattias Nyberg is the new Adjunct Professor at Mechatronics

    Mattias comes from Scania, where he worked as an Expert Engineer at Electrical Systems predevelopment and becomes adjunct professor of Dependable Control Systems.

  • ICES Newsletter October 2015

  • "SkolTech" - a Russian technical university under construction

    In July 2012 Mats Hanson was appointed to "Dean of Education" on "SkolTech"* in Moscow. When Mats now in December leaves his role as Vice Dean of ECE school, he will increase his time at "SkolTech"* and retain certain service at KTH.

  • Mechatronics professor invited as a Keynote Speaker

    Martin Torngren, professor with the Mechatronics unit at the department of Machine Design, has been invited as a Keynote Speaker at the 7th International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques.

  • "The Robot Project" wins several awards in 2014

    The project, which involved the well-known Swedish artist Robyn along with students from MMK division Mechatronics, started in spring 2013 and was completed in March 2014.

  • New adjunct professor in Cyber-Physical Systems

    Starting 1 June 2015, Elena Fersman has been employed as adjunct professor of Cyber-Physical Systems in the division of Mechatronics at the department of Machine Design (MMK).

  • Mechatronics Masters Student recognized by IEEE

    Mechatronics MSc Student Wim Devesse recently won the Best Student Conference Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), for his paper "A real-time optimal control method for swing-free tower crane motions".

  • New Mechatronics People for Autumn 2014

    In case you all wondered who the hugely successful MMK staff team were at the 2014 Masters Kick-off Competition on Wednesday, we are very pleased to introduce 3 new members of the Mechatronics Division, photographed below, with Abbos Ismoilov (far right) from SKD.

  • Preparing for the Future of CPS Development

    The increasing capabilities of computing systems, including their connectivity, paves the way for novel applications and systems that do not respect traditional academic disciplines. Future computer and software intensive systems will increasingly contain environment models, be situation aware, perform decision making - all gradually contributing to increasing levels of autonomy. And with this comes increased complexity and the need for improved awareness and definition to ensure system safety.

  • MSc Engineering Design

    The master's programme in Engineering Design covers product development and its growing complexity driven by rising demands for functionality, sustainability and innovation. Students in the programme acquire essential technical and organisational skills for the successful development and engineering of a wide range of technical products. The programme consists of two tracks offering specialised expertise in key areas of engineering design: Machine Design and Mechatronics.

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