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  • Swedish for advanced beginners

    This course is open for fee-paying Master’s students and scholarship holders. It is devised to bridge the gap between the elementary and intermediate level of Swedish and will have a faster and steeper progression than the Introduction to Swedish Language and Culture with more focus on the Swedish language. You will improve your practical language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) and expand your grammar and vocabulary. Upon completing the course, you will have reached a level between A2 and B1 according to CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • French at KTH

    Language skills and global skills are an asset in many professions and a prerequisite for working successfully in our globalised society. French is one of the EU's working languages and is spoken on all continents, not least in Africa, a continent showing very strong growth and development potential.

  • Virtual exchange for students within Unite!

    Through the European university alliance Unite! KTH and the other partner institutions offer courses in language, communication and global competence. The courses are taught online, taken from home, and are open to all students registered at any of Unite!'s partner institutions.

  • German at KTH

    Language skills and knowledge of a country's everyday life are now one of the success factors in many professions and a prerequisite for successfully working in our globalized society. Speakers of German can communicate with about 100 million Europeans in their first language. KTH has numerous established contacts via whom many German companies offer master’s and doctoral projects.

  • Chinese at KTH

  • Professional Swedish for Master students

    This course in Swedish for Master's students doing their second year at KTH will help you develop your language proficiency to an intermediate level, usable at Swedish places of work.

  • Communicate in English

    KTH Language and Communication offers the following courses in English. These courses will boost your confidence, show you how to avoid errors and help you to write and speak English more effectively in academic and professional situations. Simply put: our aim is to help you improve your English.

  • Intercultural competence

    You need to be able to understand, communicate and work in environments characterised by cultural and social diversity. Global competence is increasingly demanded in professional life and is a prerequisite for working successfully in our global society. This course will help you develop that competence.

  • Introductory course: Swedish language and culture

    This course puts emphasis on everyday life in Sweden and aims to give the students basic, “survival” skills in the Swedish language, as well as an introduction to Swedish history, culture and modern society.

  • Certificate of global competence

    In their future roles, KTH students need to communicate and work in environments characterised by cultural and social diversity. Global competence is increasingly demanded in professional life and is a prerequisite for working successfully in our global society. KTH offers a Certificate of Global Competence in order to satisfy this need.

  • Pre-sessional course: Study skills and English for academic purposes

    This pre-sessional course in English is an optional offering that aims to prepare international students for their Master's studies at KTH. The course combines study skills and English for academic purposes. Students who choose to attend this course have the opportunity to learn about and discuss academic cultures and to participate in activities that will give them a sense of the prevalent teaching and learning practices at KTH.

  • Tandem - language partner program at KTH

    Improve language skills, prepare for your foreign studies or take the opportunity to get to know someone from another country to broaden your views. The Tandem Language Partner Program is an initiative from KTH Language and Communication addressed to all students and employees at KTH. Through Tandem, you can meet someone who has your chosen language as a native language, thereby improving your foreign language skills and exchanging information about studies, work or interests.

  • Japanese at KTH

  • Spanish at KTH

    Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, in which knowledge of the language is essential for successful communication. The Spanish courses offered by KTH are internationally oriented, which facilitates academic exchange as well as opportunities for internships and studies in Spain and Latin America.

  • Language cafes in different languages at KTH

    Going to a language cafe is a relaxed but effective way to maintain and improve your speech and listening ability. It is also an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn more about their countries and cultures. KTH's language cafes in different languages ​​are offered usually at the KTH Library at lunchtime during the autumn and spring semesters.

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