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  • ITM helps government define "digital excellence"

    The lack of digital specialists inhibits innovation and growth in Sweden, according to OECD. The need for digital competence today is already big and is expected to increase in the coming years as digitalisation and new technologies develop. KTH and researchers from ITM are involved in finding a solution to the problem.

  • “Learning glass” a boost for video lectures

    In a studio at KTH, a team is elaborating video recordings where the speaker make notes on a glass screen. With an air of magic, "Learning glass" lifts distance education to new heights.

  • When machines become their own doctors

    What if advanced production equipment such as industrial robots and machine tools could report its health status and deviations that could lead to quality loss and costly down-time in production. With built-in smart sensors and data analysis, machine tools and industrial robots will perform self-diagnoses, which is a big step towards a more knowledge-driven and sustainable industry.

  • Ice age walk in a digital era

    If the students cannot access the ice age walk, ice age walk must come to the classrooms. In a short time, House of Nature has turned a guided tour outdoors into an digital indoor experience.

  • A new center for edge computing - TECoSA

    Hi, Martin Törngren who’s organizing the launch of the new competence center TECoSA on March 26th as its director.

  • Digitized production logistics one of the goodies at KTH conference

    If you’re curious about what is happening within the logistics area you can attend this year's digital edition of the Research & Application Conference (Forsknings- & tillämpningskonferensen). Magnus Wiktorsson at the Department of Sustainable Production Development gives tips on what’s not to be missed.

  • Sensors improve life for amputees

    35 percent of the amputees reject prosthetics because they are too uncomfortable. By placing connected sensors in the prosthetic sockets, KTH will optimize the users' prostheses and also save large societal costs.

  • “Teachers must lead the digitization"

    After months of pandemic most of us have embraced digital tools - especially teachers who have been forced to take on remote teaching. But where does the digital push forward lead to when it comes to learning, what will education and learning look like in the future? What are the innovations waiting around the corner? We had a talk with Stefan Hrastinski at Digital Learning (via Zoom of course), to get a glimpse of the future.

  • Student's training brings sustainability to family business

    A year ago, Suganya Senthil Kumar was studying in the international master's programme, Sustainable Production Development, at KTH in Södertälje. Now she is applying the knowledge she gained to her family’s business, back home in India.

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