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Software Development Academy

Digital skills training and job matching for newcomers with academic background.

Two ladies are programming an app

Photo: Richard Ryan

The SDA project has been completed and the training program will no longer be given.

SDA in brief

Training of software developers at a top ranked university

15 weeks intensive training

550 hours of programming

40+ highly motivated participants

Agile process

Online education

Job matching and training in Swedish workplace culture

The program is about re-skilling newcomers with academic background in a university setting. Fifteen weeks of intensive training and 550 hours of practicing programming prepares the candidate to work as a software developer.

The program consists of 7 modules: 

  • Programing Foundations
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming in Depth
  • Individual Project
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Final Group Project

Each module is designed around a set of learning objectives that contributes towards the basic skills required for a junior software developer. In parallel with the IT training, job matching is conducted by the recruitment company Novare Potential, which also provides the participants with training in IT reqruitment skills and Swedish workplace culture.

During the program, the participants' progress is continuously evaluated by quizes and self-estimating questionnaires. Teachers analyze these results every week and continuously adjust the content to maximize each individual's acquisition of knowledge.

Software Development Academy, was established in spring 2017 in Stockholm. Autumn 2019 the first iteration outside of Stockholm took place in Lund. Since spring 2020, when Covid-19 hit the world, the program transformed to a digitized online program with national admission.


nationalities have been represented

83 %

got an IT job within 6 months*

57 %

of the participants were women


people have finished the program

*Numbers presented are pre-Covid 19. The participation got affected during iteration 7-9 and the possibility to get a job also dropped, but is picking up now.

Deshna Safar, born in Syria

Deshna at her workplace

"Most useful for me was learning about agile methodology, which is used in almost all development companies. SDA also introduced us to the latest updates in tech world and taught us how to deal in teams which I find is a realy valuable thing."

Aleksandra Gerikj, born in North Macedonia

Aleksandra at work

"I have easily landed jobs and clients with my new skills, which wasn't the case when I applied for jobs before, KTH on the CV does change a lot in the approach. But I also gained the confidence, which might be the base of the confidence I have now to pursue my dream."

Selected Publications

Glassey, R., & Bälter, O. (2020). Put the students to work: generating questions with feedback. In 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) (in press). IEEE.

Glassey, R., Bälter, O., Haller, P., & Wiggberg, M. (2020). Addressing the Double Challenge of Learning and Teaching Enterprise Technologi es through Peer Teaching. In 2020 IEEE/ACM 42nd International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering Education and Training (ICSE-SEET) (in press). IEEE.

Glassey, R., Wiggberg, M., & Haller, P. (2018). Agile and Adaptive Learning via the ECK-model in the Software Development Academy . In EC-TEL (Practitioner Proceedings). (PDF document)

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Sweden’s Economy Is Getting a Lift From Migrants (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Financial support

Logotypes of the three financial funders: European Social Fund, Marianne och Marcus Wallenbergs stiftelse and KTH

Teaching Team

Teaching Team

Kwabena Asante Poku
Eduardo Alvarez
Ayham Alkazaz
Johan Ravnborg

Olle Bälter

David Broman

Teaching Assistants

Abdul Aziz Alkathiri
André Nilsson

Björn Aurell Hansson
David Yu

Emma Samuelsson

Felix Luthman

Filip Tran

Károly Tóth

Keivan Matinzadeh

Madeleine Mjöberg

Marwa Saado Kharouki

Nour Alhuda Almajni

Patrick de Sousa

Simon Olow
Rami Marrikie

Rasmus Olsson

Uddalak Bhaduri

Waled Rached

Alumni staff

Roberto Guanciale
Leif Lindbäck

Konrad Tollmar

Firdose Saeik
Erika Hultman


Project Analysis and Development

Lea Schomaker, analysis

Kajsa Hallberg Adu, analysis