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Agreement signed in South Korea

Published Nov 22, 2012

KTH has signed an agreement on researcher exchange with the South Korean university Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST. The collaboration is based on the donation from Rune and Kerstin Jonasson.

On November 8, KTH’s president Peter Gudmundson and Nam Pyo Suh, president of KAIST, signed an agreement on researcher exchange within the medical engineering field. This occurred at KAIST during the visit of a large delegation of representatives from the Swedish research community.

The funding mainly comes from Rune and Kerstin Jonasson’s donation to KTH, of which five million Swedish Krona are dedicated to exchange of researchers with South Korea. A partial support will be given by KAIST.

–It is a limited amount of money, but in the long run it implies that we can establish important contacts of significance for our research. We could, for instance, gain complementary competencies, says professor Hans Hebert, future dean of STH who was present when the agreement was signed.

According to Hans Hebert, the exchange programme could for example comprehend three post doctoral fellows from each university and it will hopefully start during the next year.

–KAIST is the foremost technical university in South Korea. They are very well ahead and all education is conducted in English, which also makes it a perfect university for student exchange, says Hans Hebert.

Sabina Fabrizi

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