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A centre for sustainable and healthy food systems

New research centre shaping the future of food

Two people outdoors: Francisco Vilaplana and Rebecka Milestad

KTH FOOD is a new research centre for sustainable and healthy food systems which aims to engage and align the education, research, and outreach competences at KTH towards a sustainable and healthy food system.
“Food systems have a huge impact on the environment. We know that it contributes largely to greenhouse gas emission, water use and the decline of bio-diversity,” says Francisco Vilaplana, associate professor at the Division of Glycoscience and director of KTH FOOD.

Read more here: New research centre shaping the future of food

Hello there!

We are starting a new series of articles where we are getting to know our researches within the exciting and vital area of food.

First up is Jean-Baptiste Thomas  followed by Stefania Giacomello .


  • Stefania Giacomello
    Hello there, Stefania Giacomello!
    30 May 2023

    Giacomello is conducting her research in the Spatial Biology field, studying how biological information of cells in a tissue is structured in 2D. Her research team is aiming to discover the tight conn...

  • KTH Library enhances food resources with Nature Food
    30 May 2023

    Following a request from the newly established KTH Food center, KTH Library has started a subscription to Nature Food.

  • Michael Martin in front of plants in a greenhouse
    Light and sensor technology means vegetables can grow quickly and thrive in water, even where there are no windows. The crops obtain their energy from LED lighting instead of sunlight. “Our main challenge is making the growing process itself as energy efficient as possible,” says researcher Michael Martin, Professor of Sustainable Production at KTH.
    Fresh vegetables all year round through farming in water
    30 May 2023

    Water-based, or hydroponic, technology for indoor farming means that more and more retailers, restaurants and households are choosing to grow their own fresh vegetables. “Developing indoor farming of...

  • Jean-Baptiste Thomas
    Jean-Baptiste Thomas in front of fresh sugar kelp that is drying post harvest on the West Coast
    Hello there, Jean-Baptiste Thomas!
    4 May 2023

    Thomas' research aims to contribute to a resilient, sustainable and low carbon blue bioeconomy.

  • Coconuts and lemons in the foreground on a countertop in the lab. Behind them, two scientists.
    Peter Olsén and Céline Montanari, researchers in the Department of Biocomposites at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, say the new wood composite uses components of lemon and coconuts to both heat and cool homes. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Coconuts and lemons enable a thermal wood for indoor heating and cooling
    30 Mar 2023

    A building material that combines coconuts, lemons and modified wood could one day be enough to heat and cool your home. The three renewable sources provide the key components of a wood composite ther...

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