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E-learning management object at KTH

The E-learning management object is a joint activity between the Digital Learning division and the IT department. The management has a central task to maintain and develop the digital learning environment at KTH. E-learning is responsible for several systems, including Canvas.

Responsibilities for E-learning management object at KTH

  • Manage and develop the digital learning environment for KTH.
  • Provide user support and assistance.
  • Offer training, workshops and other support measures.
  • Provide manuals, guides and support materials.
  • Investigate needs and wishes from users.

Investigates and evaluates on a scientific basis

The Digital Learning division is responsible for the investigations and evaluations of the digital learning environment and the education and supervision of KTH's teachers. The responsibility means that we are conducting the activities to investigate what digital learning environment KTH should have and evaluate whether the current environment meets the needs of teachers and students. The activities are conducted on a scientific basis, where investigations and evaluations are published as a journal or conference article.

Education and supervision assignment

Within the framework of the education and supervision of Digital Learning, we are responsible for the knowledge support on KTH's intranet regarding digital learning  at KTH. We also run regular seminars, workshops, and courses and provides guidance to teachers via personal meetings or e-mail.

Systems that are part of the management object e-learning

  • Canvas
  • LEQ/course evaluation
  • Mentimeter
  • Möbius
  • Ouriginal
  • Personal Menu
  • Course-, program- and group web

We provide KTH support with digital learning methods and tools

Welcome to contact us if you have questions or need support, tips and inspiration about both technology and pedagogical methods.

We can help you with

Educational perspectives on the development of digital tools

Changes to the digital learning environment are carried out as projects involving coworkers from the division as either project managers or participating from an educational perspective. Digital learning has a close collaboration with Support Services IT so that ivestigations and development work can be managed in a good way.

Modern agile way of working

The area of ​​digital learning is developing rapidly at KTH and with it the needs of what our systems and services are expected to live up to. Therefore, we at The E-learning management object at KTH have an agile working method together with modern working practices and project tools. This is to make the best use of the needs and wishes that exist from those who work with the education at KTH. We develop, test and work in different ways, but often with pilot projects in a first phase, and preferably together with the intended user group. At the same time, it is important to manage the systems we have safely and stably based on the management model PM3.

Group composition and responsibilities

E-learning management object consists of 3 groups focusing on system development, IT-Support and pedagogical development.

The group at Digital Learning, which works with pedagogical development, currently consists of 12 coworkers. The group includes researchers, educational developers, communicators, coordinators and research engineers, and student staff such as Undergraduate assistants.

Group leader: Tecla Malmström.

Head of Administration: Fredrik Enoksson.

Group composition

The group includes researchers, educational developers, communicators, coordinators and research engineers.