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Digital learning: Mission and goals

KTH’s Digital Learning Division has the task of developing e-learning at KTH in order to make KTH a leader in educational technology. We bring together research and proven experience in digital media and learning. We develop knowledge and design of digital platforms, online courses and video to support education and learning. At the unit, research and development (R&D) is carried out as well as education and supervision.

Leading Digital Pedagogy

The division has a KTH overall assignment to help KTH be outstanding in digitizing education with the aim of raising the quality and accessibility of education.

KTH’s Vision 2027 and Development Plan 2018-2023

According to KTH’s Vision 2027, KTH will be “… leading in technology education. The education is characterized by individually adapted learning in innovative learning environments.” (p. 1). The KTH Development Plan 2018-2023 states that: “The digitalization of education will continue with the development of a clear strategy that focuses on the learning of students” (p. 5) and that “the e-learning initiative will continue and give concrete results in the form of changes in teaching, planning and implementation of education…” (p. 11).

KTH’s vision and development plan

Operational assignments

  • Operate internationally established research and development (R&D) on digital media in support of education and learning, with special focus on technology, mathematics and science

  • Carry out training and guidance on digital media as support for education as our stakeholders, primarily teachers and teachers at KTH, consider maintaining high quality.
Belongs to: The Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences
Last changed: Feb 23, 2021