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Resource Centre for Online Education (RCN) at KTH

RCN is a clear entry both for students who want to study online courses and for institutions that want to offer online courses. The long-term goal of the centre is to create educational and administrative support from the students and employees’ needs, where courses can be given and meetings between teachers and students can take place.

RCN's Mission

RCN has the task of organising and supporting the implementation of online teaching as well as developing networking skills.

Courses via RCN

Courses offered via RCN are accessed via an independent website.

Courses offered via RCN are accessed via an independent website (, page in Swedish)

Development of online courses and online education

RCN can assist institutions in the development of new online courses and online education as a supplement to regular courses or to broaden the activities of institutions in a cost-effective manner. RCN is thus a clear entry for students who want to study online courses and institutions that want to offer online courses.

Network-based support in the implementation of courses

The centre provides coaching, follow-up, system support and marketing efforts for the following:

  • MATH.SE  (joint project between KTH and SU for sharing resources), collaboration with other colleges in the country.
  •  from 2011 also the social event through the Facebook-page for "Sommarmatte" (  is included as a way of introducing students to the preparatory courses in mathematics.
  • Distance course at KTH’s various institutions.
  • Campus courses, support via KTH Social to teachers and students, network-based coaching via level-divided structure.
  • Bridging Course Collaboration with Imperial College and their outreach lab, organising and training of mentors.
  • Collaboration with TU Berlin about the construction and implementation of the OMB Bridge Course within the TU9 consortium (the nine largest technical universities in Germany).

Support, collaborative tools and follow-up research environments in higher education

RCN is responsible for the IT infrastructure of , such as collaborative tools, distance-independent meetings, document management (sharing, online editing, repositories), activity management tools, monitoring and reporting.

Studies conducted at RCN

Olle Bälter at KTH has conducted a study on diagnostic tests as tools in online education. Please take a look at the article "Diagnostic Web-based Monitoring in CS1" (displayed as a PDF) .


For general questions

Phone: 08-790 60 60


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Last changed: Mar 14, 2022