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Seventeen new teams join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

Collage of selfies of the teams in Batch 12
Published Nov 12, 2020

KTH Innovation welcomes 17 new teams to the pre-incubator program, the program where successful startups like Airmee, Degoo and Challengermode have started their journeys. In addition to advanced technology for AI and 3D printing, the accepted teams include the horsetech app Horsera, founded by the twins Amanda and Mathilda Hammarström, known from the TV series Familjen Hammarström.

Selfie of the Horsera team, Therese Jonsson, Amanda Hammarström and Mathilda Hammarström.
The Horsera founders, Therese Jonsson, Amanda Hammarström and Mathilda Hammarström.

Together with KTH student Therese Jonsson, Amanda and Mathilda Hammarström have founded Horsera, the horse sport’s digital network, aiming to give horses their own digital identity. The horse sport is the second largest in Sweden among youth and has a turnover of 72 billion SEK yearly, according to The Swedish Horse Industry Foundation.

- We’re looking forward to taking part in a program that has a proven track record of creating successful teams, says Mathilda. It’s nice to be in a system where others are going through the same thing. We’ve been thinking of this idea for a long time, but in the program we’ll need to make decisions and execute.

Successful alumni

The seventeen new teams are in good company. Over 200 teams have gone through the program, and among its alumni are plenty of examples of successful startups. One of those is Degoo , a cloud storage startup that just reached 100 million users. Another example is spacetech startup porkchop , founded by KTH students in 2019. The team is now getting ready to launch their technology to space in early 2021.

- There’s an incredible range at KTH, says Program Manager Viktor Olsson. In the program, researchers who have developed advanced technology work alongside students with innovative ideas. Those meetings spark creativity and bring new perspectives. We’re proud that over 80 % of the teams that enter the program reach the market successfully.

Extra support to reach the market

KTH Innovation supports students, researchers and employees to develop an idea or commercialize their research results. Every year, KTH Innovation’s business development coaches meet over 350 teams with new ideas. Out of those, around 30 are chosen to take part in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, where they aim to bring their ideas to the market within a year.

The teams that get accepted to the program get extra support in business development, securing funding and building a team. They also get free office space in KTH Innovation’s premises on KTH Campus. All teams that make it through to the final phase of the program get to pitch for an investment of 250 000 SEK from KTH Holding AB.

The Mobula founders in a lab environment.
KTH researchers Michael Fokine, Chunxin Liu and Taras Oriekhov have founded Mobula.

3D printing glass

Another team accepted to the program is Mobula, founded by a group of researchers in laser physics at KTH. Mobula has developed a solution to 3D print glass, which has been a hard nut to crack since glass melts at high temperatures. Using laser technology, the team has built a 3D printer that is quick, affordable and energy efficient.

These are all the teams accepted to the program:


Autonomous drone delivery service providing a fast, environmentally friendly and reliable last mile solution.

Alpha Dimensions

Alpha Dimensions introduces an innovative 3D printing technique, which focuses on material extrusion-based 3D printing process for creating a metal component.  


Busybee provides a real time occupancy monitoring and analysis solution, delivering an

Portrait of Karthikesh G.L
Karthikesh G.L, one of the founders of Alpha Dimensions

improved end-user experience and ensures adherence to social distancing regulations.


Choicer makes market surveys fun. Get more answers and a higher understanding of what your customers want.


Get a highly accurate calculation of your Co2 footprint and Co2 emissions saved by using pro-environmental means of transport.


Devten is a new way of recruiting developers. By quantifying developers’ knowledge we are able to effectively match them with companies.


DYAMO motivates, inspires, and facilitates student’s school years and everyday life, by connecting them to a carefully selected mentor.


Enunity is an app that helps store staff plan, execute, and analyze their tasks using data.


Multilingual Financial Sentiment analysis system


It’s time to enter a new era and allow horses to have digital identities. Stay tuned for Horsera - the horse sports’ social network.


Accelerating and democratizing the adoption of AI through safe and privacy-preserving insight sharing - on your terms.


Mobula, the world’s first company for accessible glass 3D printing. Shaping transparent glass made fast, affordable, and energy-efficient.


Modernera makes it easy to automate and share expertise. Our vision is to transform the way knowledge is shared and to make expertise more easily available.

Selfie of Leyla Ali Dholey and Kristina Stojanovic
Leyla Ali Dholey and Kristina Stojanovic are two of the founders of fertility guide Ovulai.


Ovulai is a personalized fertility guide adaptable to your unique body, cycle and daily life.


Propida is a B2B platform that digitalizes the flow between property owners and service providers in the property.


Take a deep dive into the Swedish housing market and gain deeper insights by looking at data from different angles.


Woodchain aims to improve tracking and certification processes, using blockchain technology to introduce transparency in forest-based product supply chains.

More about the teams in Batch 12

By Lisa Bäckman

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