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The Brighter Program visited Boulder and London

Group image of the teams in Boulder, outside with yellow leaves in the background.
Five spinoffs founded by researchers at KTH are in Boulder, Colorado with the KTH Innovation Brighter Program.
Published Oct 31, 2022

Nine startups and spinoffs from KTH took their first steps on the global market in the KTH Innovation Brighter program. Four teams based on research at KTH traveled to Boulder, and five led by students went to London.

Since 2013, KTH Innovation has taken promising startups from KTH out into the world to gain inspiration and insight into a local ecosystem. Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation, went to London together with five startups.

- We believe a continued strong presence around the world is one of the most vital tools in paving the way for market success for KTH spin-offs, she says.

Developing bio-based rubber

One of the teams that traveled to Boulder is Reselo, founded by researchers at KTH. They are developing a new rubber material based on birch bark, an abundant residual product in the Swedish forest industry. The goal is to lead the development and production of sustainable biomaterials that replace fossil-based plastics. Before leaving, Josefin Larsson, CPO at Reselo said:

- We hope to find new partners and customers for collaborative projects to implement Reselo rubber in new areas of use. We are looking forward to getting to know actors who contribute to building a sustainable bioeconomy on the other side of the Atlantic.

Intense schedule

For five days, the teams participated in an intensive program in their respective cities. They got a deep dive into the local ecosystem, learned how to enter the local market, visited labs and learning institutions, and met local investors and KTH alumni.

The program is carried out within the framework of cooperation within the Innovation Office , where KTH Innovation supports several universities in the region, including the Stockholm School of Economics. The program in Boulder was also part of Sustainable Energy Action , a collaboration between KTH, KTH Holding, Sting, Things and Ignite Sweden funded by the Energy Agency.

About the KTH Innovation Brighter Program

The KTH Innovation Brighter program is an immersion, inspiration and internationalization program, aimed for early stage startup projects or research commercialization projects that have the potential of reaching a global market. In 2022, we visit Boulder, US, and London, UK.

The teams in the 2022 Brighter Program


3Bind Systems 3BS


3Bind Systems is a Stockholm-based start-up developing a new additive manufacturing process for the manufacturing of metallic parts. They are an interdisciplinary and transnational team rooted in basic research and applied science at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Their technology brings robustness, simplicity, and speed to Metal Additive Manufacturing. They offer manufacturing systems that integrally produce parts to final Geometric Product Specifications across large scales.

Team: Robert Tomkowski & Amir Rashid

Both founders are researchers at the KTH unit Manufacturing and Metrology Systems (IPU). .



Green hydrogen from electrolysis of water is currently a tangible solution for production of green energy for future needs. To compete with the current production costs of hydrogen a paradigm shift in water electrolysis technologies is required. Caplyzer has developed and patented such a new chemical water splitting technology through redox/capacitive materials. The technology offers increased flexibility and robustness for hydrogen production from renewable sources.

Team: Joydeep Dutta & Esteban Alejandro Toledo Carrillo

Joydeep Dutta is Professor and head of the Functional & NanoMaterials Group  at KTH. Esteban Alejandro Toledo Carrillo is a PhD candidate at the KTH Department of Applied Physics .

KTH Holding  has invested in Caplyzer.



A chemical-free and economically efficient approach to cleaning water from bacteria and pharmaceutical residues, using a radically novel application of cavitating microbubbles.

Team: Morteza Ghorbani & Dmitry Grishenkov

Dmitry Grishenkov is Associate Professor at the KTH Division of Biomedical Imaging . Morteza Ghorbanihas been active at KTH as a postdoctor and guest researcher. Cavitreat is one of the teams in Batch 15 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program .



Reselo aims to lead the development and production of sustainable biomaterials that replace fossil-based plastics. Reselo’s first material to launch – Nordic Bio-Rubber – is a new biomaterial made from birch bark, which is a prevalent residual product in the Swedish forestry industry. Reselo was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation. 

Team: Henrik Otendal & Josefin Larsson

Henrik Otendal i CEO of Reselo and Josefin Larsson is COO. 

Reselo joins the KTH Innovation Brighter Program through KTH Innovation's partnership with Sting .


Datana logo



Datana is a smart software integration tool that helps the retail sector tackle the issue of shoplifting in an effective and seamless way. Using a fully anonymous and GDRP compliant image recognition solution, Datana can help stores to prevent and smoothly handle potential shoplifting. 

Team: Adib Ahrari & Adel Naqvi

Adib Ahrari studies Applied and Computational Mathematics  at KTH & Adel Naqvi studies Engineering Mechanics  at KTH. Datana is also one of the teams in Batch 15 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program .



Dialog lets speech therapists create and share individualized home-based exercises with their patients. We incorporate speech-based training to help patients intensify and vary their rehabilitation process. In addition, the platform allows following the patients' progress and development between visits throughout the rehabilitation.

Team: Filippa Kärrfelt & Mikael Törnwall

Filippa Kärrfelt & Mikael Törnwall study Computer Science  at KTH. Dialog is one of the teams in Batch 14 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program .



Digibility is a digital knowledge platform which brings teachers, students and parents together to provide better, individual learning experiences to students. The platform offers tools such as planning, data collection, upskilling of teachers and more with the goal of enabling all students to tap into their full potential. 

Team: Love Leijonklo & Petri Partanen

Love Leijonklo is a student at the Stockholm School of Economics, and Petri Partanen is a researchr at Mittuniversitetet. 

Digibility participates in the KTH Innovation Brighter program through our cooperation in the Innovation Office structure.



Getting your license will never be the same. At the click of a button, Drivler picks up and and drops off students when and where they want, while providing traffic schools with a platform that will grow their business.

Team: Filip Fonser & Caroline Eriksson

Filip Fonser and Caroline Eriksson study Construction management  at KTH. Drivler is one of the teams in Batch 15 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program .



funki creates opportunities for everyone to play in a band, on their own terms. With instruments designed for people with intellectual disabilities, Funki offers a completely new way of communicating and interacting through music.

Team: Maria Svahn & Josefine Hölling

Maria Svanh studies Media technology  at KTH, and Josefine Hölling has a degree in the same subject. Funki is one of the teams in Batch 15 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program .

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