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Twenty teams join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

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Published Nov 23, 2021

From electric boats to savings apps for young adults - here's Batch 14 in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program!

Every year, KTH Innovation supports hundreds of projects. Twice a year, a selected group of motivated and driven teams enter KTH Innovation's pre-incubator program, where they receive extra support to develop their ideas. The goal is to have a product or service on the market after one year. The program's more than 200 alumni include successful companies such as Airmee, SuperAnnotate and Manomotion.

Next generation electric boats

Nicolas Honeth, Ivan Stenius and Peter Kjellqvist
Nicolas Honeth, Ivan Stenius Peter Kjellqvist develop self-stabilizing, electric propulsion hydrofoil systems for boats.

KTH researchers Nicolas Honeth and Ivan Stenius have teamed up with Peter Kjellqvist, a KTH alumnus with many years of experience from industry. They have developed self-stabilizing, electric systems for hydrofoils.

- We have spent five years on our research and now we have developed the technology far enough that it is time to start thinking about commercialization for real, says Nicolas Honeth. This program is a great environment to learn from each other.

Science and art

The words KTH's logo "Science and art", is reflected in the ideas in Batch 14. The ideas include advanced solutions for electric boats and laser technology, but also platforms for connecting professional musicians, and physical products that create interaction between light and sound.

One of the strengths of the program is the mix of people. Among the participants, we find students from KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute and Södertörn University, and researchers between professor and doctoral level. The founders come from countries such as Sweden, India, Germany, and Indonesia. Some have extensive experience in business development while others are developing an idea for the first time.

- I love the diversity, says Suranjan Ram Ottikkutti, doctoral student at KTH and founder of Spektrer. Not only in where people come from and what they do but also what kind of ideas they have.

An intensive year

Rebecca Rahel Schmid
Rebecca Rahel Schmid is one of the founders of Bis, a platform for the placement of professional substitutes in the field of classical orchestral music.

For a year, the teams will meet every Wednesday to discuss topics related to business development, communication, sales and much more. Participants get room in KTH Innovation's co-working space at Teknikringen 1, and access to makerspace, production studio and offers from partners. Towards the end of the program, there is an opportunity to pitch for an investment from KTH Holding.

- I look forward to sharing the journey with the other participants. Getting to know them and supporting each other in both successes and mistakes, says Rebecca Rahel Schmidt, KTH student and founder of Bis. 

All teams in the program.

Meet Batch 14


Providing flexible and seamless networking solutions that enable next-generation swarm intelligence for robot and IoT systems.


dialog is making intensive aphasia rehabilitation accessible to every patient.

Next Generation Marine Hydrofoils

Enabling the new era of sustainable marine transport with self-stabilizing, electric propulsion hydrofoil systems enabling performance in speed, range, and comfort beyond what exists today.


A mental well-being app where therapeutic outcomes are achieved through the process of creative self-expression. By introducing art into the therapy sessions, participants will learn how to explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, and boost self-esteem.

Nordic Forestry Automation

AI and Automation for Sustainable Forestry


Our ambition is to create a sustainable and renewable battery ecosystem.


Spektrer designs innovative software algorithms to create dynamic lights based on the amplitude of individual frequency bands of audio. In addition, Spektrer combines state-of-the-art hardware and software to provide the best experience.

Sustainability accounting & reporting made easy! We help SME’s fulfill regulations with our straightforward and simple reporting templates while gaining insights on how to reduce their footprint.

Svenska Laserfabriken

We offer complete solutions to alter the wavelength of your laser. This means i.e. that an existing infra-red laser can easily be converted to a UV laser.


blankt is the first art-tech company of its kind. Starting with posters, their goal is to democratize art.


We help industry use world's most powerful microscopes and make understanding-driven innovations in materials and processes possible.


Digital platform for the placement of professional substitutes in the field of classical orchestral music (LinkedIN/Tinder for musicians)


In COSE we design the future of Social Networks. By blending Human and Artificial Intelligence we discovered the new and humane ‘Community Model’.


Fast, fact-checked, opinion compared news


Vattir is a cloudservice that connects the farm. The ambition is to create the prerequisites for the future connected farm making functionality and data conveniently accessible in one place for survailance, control and automation.


We make immersive experience rooms that engage communities of elderly with dementia to choose and share their preferred environment and activity—whether that may be underwater therapy, building a house or throwing a party.


A platform that helps data scientists and pathologists to build DP datasets and evaluate their use for training of machine learning models for medical diagnosis.


Assisting millennials in investing; without anxiety!


Promoting science by connecting researchers and visualizing research


Sparly is a financial fitness app empowering young adults to build sustainable personal finance through Open Banking, Nudging and Personalised Habit Programs.

Text: Lisa Bäckman

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is a 12 month program to accelerate the development of promising startup projects from KTH.

30-40 of the around 300 teams KTH Innovation supports every year get accepted to the program, where they get extra support, office space and enter a community of other founders.  

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