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Digital kickoff for 17 new KTH startups

17 new startup projects have joined the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. Yesterday, they met for the first time in a digital kick-off
Published Mar 18, 2020

Seventeen teams have joined the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. Yesterday, they met for the first time in a digital kick off. From a simulation platform for quantum mechanics to an app that helps you find the nearest foodtruck: here are the latest startup projects from KTH!

When the Corona virus prevents us from meeting in person, we move online. Yesterday, the new teams in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program started with a digital kick-off, marking the beginning of an exciting year of developing and learning together. Almost 50 people from 17 teams attended the first meeting, joining in from around Stockholm.

- We’re happy to see such high engagement from the new teams. Going completely digital is a new kind of challenge for us, but it is also a good opportunity for KTH Innovation to redefine how we work and find new tools, says Viktor Olsson, Program Manager at KTH Innovation.

The people in Batch 11 almost make up a mini-KTH, he continues. They’re work in vastly different areas, and come from different backgrounds and countries. They are students and researchers of mixed genders, and several teams have co-founders from other universities or from a business background. A majority also have a clear focus on sustainability.

We’re proud to introduce the teams in Batch 11 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.

Meet Batch 11


Acupro develops a wearable device to facilitate long-term self-administered acupressure for pain relief, physical and function improvement for older adults with knee arthritis.

Team: Kingsly Anand Agasteen Anantharaj & Adithya Raju Ganeshan


AGUST is an automation platform for management consultants and investment managers. The platform uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to automate information gathering and data analysis.

Team: Simon Hällqvist, Petrus Oskarsson

Andning med

We help Asthma & COPD patients to inhale medicine properly by giving instant feedback on correct use to improve control of their disease.

Team: Annelie Hultman, Petra Szeszula, Essam Sharaf


We want to create freedom of movement in the rental housing market by providing a user-centric platform with customized solutions for swapping leases that are attainable and affordable for everyone.

Team: Anna Zakipour, Arsham Atighechi, Martin Pola, Anna Strandberg, Josefine Mattsson, Larissa Menegaldi


Recruitment in medicare needs to become more efficient and transparent. With Cruitmed, medical staff can compare employers in a quick and efficient way and automate their job hunting.

Team: Milan Pishnemaz


Our autonomous drones offer an innovative solution to protecting crops. By helping preventing wild animals from entering your property, FLOX can help you reduce damage costs.

Team: Matteo Tadiello Marco Moletta

Foodtruck App

Discover what food trucks are near you and place an order through our app. Pick up the food when you arrive. Enjoy no waiting, no standing in line. Enjoy a tasty lunch.

Team: Axel Meurling & Johan Vikström


GoPlanet’s app measures the sustainability footprint of individuals and companies and provides fun and inspirational challenges to shape a sustainable travel industry.

Team: Hossein Shokri Ghadikolaei, Sina Molavipour, Hassan Sohofi, Olivia Manzagol, Johan Westberg


mildra removes the hurdle for e-commerce companies to offer climate compensation by providing all-in-one climate compensation as a service platform.

Team: Eric Törnqvist, Robert Jurewicz, Michael Hindley, Victor Wroblewski


QM4Mat offers quantum mechanical simulation services for property-driven materials design to industrial companies.

Team: Raquel Lizárraga & Liyun Tian

Rental Sense

Rental Sense is an insurance product that gives tenants flexibility in their leasing agreement, without landlords having to compromise on securing stable cash flows.

Team: Hugo Bergström & Jacob Stenswed


Create, share and sell your favorite geographical routes using Google Maps

Team: Vincent Paul Lohse, Niklas Loason, Anathea Cristea & Silviu Gherman


Connecting a vehicle’s license plate to the driver’s payment preferences to allow customers to fuel their vehicle at gas stations without physically paying with a card, cash or phone.

Team: Romman Alham


TenFAST is an online, automated service for property owners looking for an easy way to handle their properties. The service helps its users to create and sign rental contracts and allows for automatic invoicing.

Team: Emil Ahlbäck & Fabian Hedin


Univid is a student-centered platform that allows users to follow live sessions, take collaborative notes and interact with the lecturer.

Team: Erik Skogetun, Jonathan Rintala, Elina Eriksson


Waves finds and follows up on impact investments tailored to your values.

Team: Emelie Jin, Alexander Jakobsen, Johan Lorenzen


A streaming service for gaming using a 5G connection to stream data from your own stationary devices to your mobile.

Team: Arbër Mulolli, Simon Röhr, Oliver Thim & Erik Haugbak

Text: Lisa Bäckman & Anna Isoz

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