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From train trips to satellite propulsion: here are the latest startup projects from KTH

Amin Kazemzadeh is a researcher at the KTH Department of Protein Science. Together with Sandra Jernström from Karolinska Institute, he's founded Flexpenser. Photo by Anton Granh & Petter Elnerud
Published Oct 16, 2019

Yesterday, an exciting journey started for the fourteen new projects in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. Among the ideas are teams developing propulsion systems for satellites, networking apps, and micro-dispensers. Meet Batch 10!

In one year, a group of new and exciting projects from KTH will be ready to show off their development at KTH Innovation Demo Day. But before we get that far, there’s still quite a way to go. Yesterday, fourteen new teams began their journey in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, a year-long program giving early-stage, tech-based projects from KTH the tools and training they need to accelerate their projects.

- We’re excited to see that the interest in innovation and entrepreneurship at KTH continues to rise. Batch 10 was chosen from a record-breaking number of applications, so we feel confident in saying that these teams will be ones to look out for in the future, Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation.

In the beginning of 2020, KTH Innovation moves into a new house on campus.

In the coming twelve months, the teams will get access to support from KTH Innovation, take part in weekly workshops to develop their projects, and support each other in the KTH Innovation community. They will also share office space, first in KTH Innovation’s office on Lindstedtsvägen 24, but in the beginning of next year they will be moving in to the new Innovation House on Campus, together with the KTH Innovation team.

Out of the fourteen teams, five teams focus on developing hardware solutions, three have been founded by KTH researchers, and six have a clear sustainable focus.

- I really like the mixed experiences that the new Batch brings to the community. The founders are researchers, students, employees, different industries and fields, and they’re all here to succeed together, says Viktor Olsson, Program and Community Manager at KTH Innovation.

The founders of Shippy met during an exchange semester in Singapore.

Marika Daleke and Tobias Brandter from Shippy came up with their idea, connecting people that want something delivered with people who are traveling, last winter. Soon after that, Marika Daleke left for an exchange semester in Singapore, where she met Caroline Forsberg, who joined the team. Meeting up again back in Sweden, the team decided that they wanted to give their idea a real go, and applied to the program.

- It's going to be really fun to share this experience with the others who are developing their own ideas, says Marika Daleke. We’ve already gotten so many new insights, and that's just on the first day.

Viktor Olsson adds:

- The best thing about starting a new Batch is that they bring energy and reignite the entire community.

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Say hello to Batch 10!

These are the 14 startup projects accepted to Batch 10 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program! Remember where you saw them first.

Spara Grönt by construqt

Spara Grönt helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient by offering the most sustainable and innovative solutions through online group initiatives. Build, renovate or upgrade your home with Spara Grönt to lower your energy bills and protect the environment!

Visit the website!


Flexpenser has developed a micro-dispenser for long-term storage and controlled release of liquids. Their solution is self-resealing, multi-use and air-tight, suitable for sensitive liquids such as chemicals, glues and lubricants.

Visit the website


FooIn is an industrial system to reduce food waste through helping grocery stores to continuously monitor their inventory and expiration dates. No food shall be wasted.

Visit the website!

FRÖNB Gaming

Gaming gear that focuses on actual customer needs and creates a superior experience for gamers who care about being the best in a competitive world. Gear that is built with Swedish quality, with a simplistic Swedish design, for a whole world in mind. Launching soon: a highly comfortable gaming mouse.

Visit the website!

H Sustain

H Sustain enables supportive and meaningful social interactions among people along their ways of daily commuting and mobility.

Visit the website!


forvalter develops Valter, the digital property manager. Valter is a user-friendly main point of contact for tenants. Valter supplies caretakers with the correct service information about the tenants' needs so they can go from issue to action without a hassle.

Visit the website!


The nightlife loyalty network of the future! Guests collect and spend party points in nightclubs on a fun web platform, providing clubs with better customer retention and their staff grounds for smarter decision making.

Visit the website!


Imagine if all the manufacturing industries could reduce the machining time and deliver their products faster. At PLABS, we develop customised polymer material gadgets that can be incorporated into machine tools, thus paving the way for faster and easier machining of products. The customer gets a better precision and surface finish at a lowered lead time.

Visit the website!


You wouldn’t buy a car without an engine– don’t deploy your CubeSat without a propulsion system. porkchop’s system integrates seamlessly and costs less. porkchop is a fully-integrated propulsion system for satellites. It contains its own fuel, engine, control system and electronics.

Visit the website!


ProTendering is a tool that supports contractors by optimizing costs correlated to requirements in procurement projects.

Visit the website!


SpotYet creates networking solutions for digital and physical events, and for teams working remotely.

Visit the website!


Shippy connects people who wants something delivered, with people who are traveling.

Visit the website ​​​​​​​


Voyley is an e-ticketing platform which provides travellers in the EU eco-friendly alternatives to plan, buy and manage their international travels.

Visit the website ​​​​​​​

By: Lisa Bäckman

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