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They help athletes secure sponsorship deals

Demo Day for Batch 9

Wilhelm Kark, a young man, sails a laser, a type of sailboat. He leans backwards dressed in a wetsuit and cap. In the background you can see the ocean and several other sailboats.
Published May 25, 2020

Hi Wilhelm Kark! You're a world championship sailor and also are one of the co-founders of KTH startup Netspons, connecting athletes with sponsors. Tell us about it.

Why did you start Netspons, and what do you do?

About Netspons

First meeting with KTH Innovation: August 2018.

Business Development Coach: Donnie Lygonis

Our vision derives from hearing a story about one of the best female dancers in the world, who despite her talent, had to juggle three different jobs. We did some more research and found out that 8 out of 10 professional athletes say that financing their career was the hardest part of their life after training. We founded Netspons to solve this problem because we believe that talent and grit alone should pave the way to success. Netspons connects athletes with potential sponsors, to improve the conditions for athletes, the quality of sport marketing campaigns and the generated revenues for both brands and rights holder.

What has the pre-incubator program meant for your team?

The program has meant a lot. It gave us the structure and guidance to keep improving our offer. Thanks to our Business Development Coach Donnie Lygonis and the program, we got on stage at the Fitness festival and got to pitch to KTH Innovation’s investor network EarlyBird . We received funding from Almi and got a place in the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneurship program . These are all things we wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for the program. Much appreciated! 

Say three things that you need to do to take Netspons to the next level

Build, measure, learn.

Donnie, you’ve followed the Netspons team from the beginning. What do you say?

I have really enjoyed working with the team. Actually, they started as two separate startups that merged half way through, which helped them accelerate their development a lot. I think the main reason for their good progress has been a very humble approach to their business idea and an openness to listen to their users and customers. They have also been really engaged in our programs, which of course is the best way to get the most out of them.

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea you want to develop with support from KTH Innovation? Get in touch! Our support is free, confidential, and you don't need to apply. Follow this link to book a meeting with us .

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

In the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, early-stage startup projects get extra support and office space, all together with others developing their own ideas. These are the teams that have completed Batch 9 of the program.

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Last changed: May 25, 2020