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Janne Wallenius - KTH Innovation Award 2022

As a researcher at KTH and an entrepreneur in the company Blykalla/Leadcold, Professor Janne Wallenius has been driving the development of small lead-cooled nuclear reactors, known as SMRs or Small Modular Reactors, since 2013. He is the recipient of the KTH Innovation Award 2022.

Portrait of Janne Wallenius

Meet Janne Wallenius 

Public resistance to nuclear power was strong when Professor Janne Wallenius began developing the technology for small, lead-cooled nuclear reactors. But times have changed, and ten years down the line there is increasing support for his project.

“The plan is that a factory in Sweden will be able to deliver serial-produced reactors to the market in just ten years,” says Janne Wallenius. He is the recipient of the KTH Innovation Award 2022.

“Nuclear power is now being taken seriously as a sustainable energy option”

Video interview with Janne Wallenius (3.20)

Award committee citation 2022

"The 2022 recipient of the KTH Innovation Award represents the ambition that lies at the heart of KTH: finding solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges. For taking on the important task of bringing fossil-free base power to the world, and dedicating decades to a clear vision with grit and creativity, often against the tide of public opinion, the 2022 KTH Innovation Award goes to Janne Wallenius, KTH professor and founder of LeadCold Reactors."

The 2022 members of the award committee were KTH President Sigbritt Karlsson, investor Klaus Hommels, last year's recipient Rustam Nabiev, business angel Jane Walerud and KTH professor Stefan Ståhl.

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Last changed: Apr 19, 2023
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