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Bee McBeeface, Beeyoncé are web poll choices to name bees

Published Jun 13, 2016

KTH asked the Internet to name the queens of the campus' two new honey bee hives, and the results were perhaps not so surprising. In a web poll held last week, the name "Bee McBeeface" won with 69 percent of the votes, and the name "Beeyoncé" came up second with 16 percent.

KTH's queen bees will be named Bee McBeeface and Beeyoncé. (Photo: David Callahan)

Like the participants in the online poll that voted to christen a British polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface, the majority of participants in the web poll sponsored by KTH Sustainable Campus showed a clear preference for the silly name over more earnest nominations – some of which paid homage to women who broke through gender barriers at KTH and in Sweden.

Lina Häckner

While the British Antarctic Survey ultimately overturned Boaty McBoatface's victory, KTH accepted the voice of the people without hesitation. "The vote was fair and open, and a solid majority favored these names," says KTH's Environmental Coordinator Lina Häckner. "We received more than 10,000 votes; Bee McBeeface won 69 percent of the votes, and Beeyoncé got 16 percent."

Coming in third was Beegitta, with 9 percent of the votes.

The introduction of the honey bees is an initiative of KTH's Sustainability Office, which is responsible for KTH's environmental management system and environmental issues surrounding the campus. The aim of the bee project is to strengthen the ecological values ​​of the campus. The group also hopes that the presence of the bees can inspire and increase the commitment to sustainable development.

The colonies will eventually be home to 100,000 bees, which will produce honey for use by the university staff.

David Callahan