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Why Obama is visiting KTH

Published Sep 02, 2013

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is home to extensive research into renewable energy and other, related areas. Here are some of the reasons why U.S. President Barack Obama is visiting the university this week.

Solar energy

Researchers at the KTH Department of Chemistry have designed a molecular catalyst able to convert water into oxygen and protons at speeds similar to natural photosynthesis. The rapidly advancing field could lead to more efficient solutions for converting and storing solar energy. Read:  Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthesis Could Boost Solar Future

Promoting self-generation

Unlocking the mass market potential for do-it-yourself power generation may be possible with the help of several ideas being drawn up by researchers at KTH in collaboration with a design group. Building on the appeal of free electricity, the group has proposed concepts for a mobile app, a solar garden shed, a self-generation start-up kit and a video, all which would attract consumers to the idea of making and storing their own energy. Read:  Solar energy repackaged for the mass market

Fuel cells for hybrid cars

Fuel-celled powered prototype cars built by KTH students have set the bar higher for the competition in Sweden, during the Shell Eco Marathon held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in the spring. Read:

Smart development

KTH researchers have begun work on designs for innovative new “smart homes” in Stockholm’s Norra Djurgårdsstaden. The gigantic showcase development will reshape the northeastern edge of the Swedish capital in coming decades. Smart electric grids, already a KTH strength, are an important element in the project. Read: Smart home research set to begin

Charging roads

While electric car development is primarily focused on fuel efficiency, a team at KTH Royal Institute of Technology is looking to the road itself for a solution to the limited range of electric hybrid vehicles. Transforming roads into a network of “smart power supply” could make it possible to drive an electric car all day without having to recharge. Read: Roads could power cars across Europe

Wave power

CorPower Ocean is a company that supplies parts (Wave Energy Converters, WEC) for using wave movement as an energy source. The company is a result of the large European investment, InnoEnergy, a collaboration between academia and industry that brings forth new innovations in renewable energy. Visit CorPower Ocean on the web.

High-efficiency solar cells

Tandem Sun is a company that springs from InnoEnergy. They supply solar cells with very high efficiency. Visit Tandem Sun on the web.

Urban 'heat islands'

A research team from KTH Royal Institute of Technology has developed a technique for quick, simple and cost-effective mapping of worldwide urban growth and its environmental impact. Read:  A new look at urbanization's environmental impact

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