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KTH’s honorary doctors appointed

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Foto: Håkan Lindgren
Published Mar 27, 2024

Three new honorary doctors have now been appointed: Lena Nordlund, Laura Cozzi and Jens Nielsen.

This year KTH is honoring a world leading scientist in synthetic biology, a science journalist, and a leader that shapes global energy policy. 

Laura Cozzi
As the Director of Sustainability, Technology, and Outlooks at the International Energy Agency (IEA), Laura Cozzi has played a pivotal role in shaping global energy and climate policy and advancing the understanding of energy systems. Ms. Cozzi's leadership at the IEA, particularly as the Chief Energy Modeller and leader of the World Energy Outlook (WEO), has been instrumental in providing the most authoritative analysis of energy systems worldwide. Her expertise and vision have steered the WEO to become a benchmark for energy and climate analyses, utilized by thousands of people every year across various sectors. Laura Cozzi has been instrumental in integrating KTH's research and expertise into the IEA World Energy Outlook and she also comes to KTH nearly every year since 2014, which has been a source of inspiration and learning for our staff and students. 

Lena Nordlund
For many years, Lena Nordlund has described researchers and research with objectivity and commitment on Swedish radio program Vetenskapsradion. Her area of coverage is broad and includes health, environmental research and basic life sciences. She reaches listeners who otherwise would not naturally choose to get a deeper knowledge of science. Partly by telling stories about people and their destinies behind the science, and partly by bringing science into her programs about the stories of different people. She has a unique ability to show the joy of research. 

Jens Nielsen
Jens Nielsen, CEO at the BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen, is a world leading scientist in the field of systems and synthetic biology. Jens Nielsen is a chemical engineer of training, from Technical University of Denmark, and he is member of twelve academies in four countries. Jens Nielsen has through his innovative ideas contributed to a strong development of the entire research field. He has created among other things mathematical modeling of biological systems that can enable faster and cheaper development of new cell factories for sustainable production of products such as foods, fuels and chemicals. It can also improve drug discovery and identification of biomarkers that enable precision medicines. Jens Nielsen has over the last 15 years had close collaboration with several different researchers at KTH. In total this has resulted in more than 60 joint publications with KTH researchers.

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