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Doctoral studies in Vehicle, Maritime and Aerospace Engineering

The doctoral program in Vehicle, Maritime and Aerospace Engineering entails a scientific foundation in subjects ranging from land and marine vehicles to airplanes, rockets, and satellites. Research in Vehicle and Aeronautical Engineering addresses, for example, the dynamics of vehicles, aero- and hydromechanical properties, construction, materials, and acoustic characteristics, as well as complex technical systems such as advanced control and monitoring systems.

General subject study plan and program description 

General syllabus for education at third-cycle level in Vehicle, Maritime and Aerospace Engineering (pdf 298 kB)

Programme description: Doctoral Programme in Vehicle, Maritime and Aerospace Engineering (pdf 162 kB)

Research areas

The doctoral program in Vehicle, Maritime and Aerospace Engineering encompasses studies in two different research education subjects, namely Vehicle and Maritime Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. These mainly include the following sub-areas:

Vehicle and Maritime Engineering

  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Rail Vehicle Engineering
  • Lightweight Structures
  • Technical Acoustics
  • Naval Architecture
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics

Aerospace Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Lightweight Structures
  • Space Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

The overarching aim and goal

The goals of the Doctoral program in Vehicle, Maritime and Aerospace Engineering adhere to the common goals for education at the research level according to The Swedish Higher Education Ordinance  (1993:100).

These goals are divided into three categories:

  1. Knowledge and understanding,
  2. Skills and abilities,
  3. Capacity for assessment and approach.

A specification of how these goals can be achieved within the framework of the doctoral program is described in the general subject study plan.

Previous knowledge

Basic eligibility follows the general rules established according to the Higher Education Ordinance  (1993:100). As special eligibility for admission to doctoral education in the subject of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, the applicant must have:

  1. Satisfied the basic eligibility within the field, or
  2. Otherwise acquired essentially equivalent knowledge within the relevant areas for the specialization, either within or outside the country.

The primary target group consists of students with a degree from the Master's program in Aerospace Engineering at KTH or an equivalent education from another university. Students with a different background, such as mechanical engineering or engineering physics, are given the opportunity to complement their undergraduate degree with courses in space and aeronautical engineering to attain the same status as other students in the doctoral program.

The application process

KTH Royal Institute of Technology announces vacancies for the PhD student program on its central recruiting platform. Please note that you can only apply for this PhD program if it is advertised on the KTH website.

How to become at PhD student at KTH

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