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Doctoral studies

One of the labs at School of Engineering Sciences. Photographer: Sofia Nyström

Doctoral programmes at the School of Engineering Sciences

Aerospace Engineering

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Applied physics

Engineering Mechanics



Solid Mechanics

Vehicle and Maritime Engineering


Director of Doctoral studies

Vice Director of Doctoral studies

Administrative official

Kerstin Gustafsson
Kerstin Gustafsson
Doctoral Studies Officer 087906727
Lisa Källström
Lisa Källström
Doctoral Studies Officer 087907543

Program Director of Vehicle and Maritime Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

Program Director of Physics

Program Director of Solid

Per-Lennart Larsson
Per-Lennart Larsson
PA Solid Mechanics 087907540

Program Director of Mathematics

Tilman Bauer
Tilman Bauer
associate professor 087907417

Proram Director of Engineering Mechanics

Anders Dahlkild
Anders Dahlkild
PA Engineering Mechanics 087909174

Program director of Applied Physics

Mats Ahmadi Götelid
Mats Ahmadi Götelid
PA Applied Physics 087904154

Program Director of Applied and Computational Mathematics

Anders Szepessy
Anders Szepessy
PA Applied and Computational Mathematics 087907494
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