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How to apply for freestanding courses

The academic year at KTH consists of two semesters of 20 weeks each. The autumn semester lasts from late August to January, and the spring semester lasts from January to early June. We offer freestanding courses in both semesters. You apply through University Admissions, the Swedish national application system.

Application deadlines spring 2023

15 September (2022): Application opens
17 October (2022): Last day to apply*
1 December (2022): Submit documents
9 December (2022): Admission results announced
19 December (2022): Last day to reply to offer
January: Courses start

Application deadlines autumn 2023

15 March: Application opens
17 April: Last day to apply*
21 June: Submit documents
12 July: Admission results announced
21 July: Last day to reply to offer
Late August: Courses start

*Courses are sometimes available for late application up until studies start. Courses with late applications are listed at University Admissions.

Fee-paying students not located in Sweden may have problems attending a course at KTH

You cannot be granted a residence permit in Sweden based on a freestanding course at KTH.

Please also note that our freestanding courses have an administrative turnaround time that may make it difficult for fee-paying students to pay the tuition fee and start a course in time. If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen or hold a residence permit in Sweden for something other than studies you generally do not have to pay tuition fees.

Find out if you are required to pay fees (University Admissions)

E-mail us at  if you have any questions about paying fees or applying to a freestanding course.

1. Find your courses

Explore our freestanding courses and find one or more that fit your interests. Use our search tool to access a list of all courses offered with links to apply and further information about each course. You can only apply through University Admissions, we do not assess any applications directly submitted to KTH. Note that not all courses at KTH are offered as freestanding courses, some are provided only for students enrolled in a degree programme.

Find your freestanding course at KTH

2. Check the admission requirements

There are both general and programme specific requirements. The general admission requirements are found under Entry requirements  and the course specific requirements are listed in the description of each course accessed through the University Admissions website . Meeting the admission requirements is a must for admission. If you think you have the background to meet the requirements, you are ready to start your application.

3. Submit your application

You apply through University Admissions, the Swedish national application system. Create an account and select your courses. You can select up to four courses and rank them in your order of priority. Some courses may open for late application after the application deadline. 

Submit your application through University Admissions

Late applications submitted and arriving after the application deadline will be handled only if time permits and are processed in the order in which they are received. If several applicants apply on the same date and the course spots run out, the spots will be allocated by raffle between those who applied on that date. It does not matter what time of day you apply. Applications after the course has started are not applicable at all. Make sure you that your application is complete. If something is missing from your application, your application may not be processed in time for the course to start.

4. Submit your required documents

Submit all required documents to your application at University Admissions. You can find further instructions on how to submit your documents and how documentation requirements may differ between countries at University Admissions

The required documents for freestanding courses is listed on the page for Entry requirements .

5. Check the admission results and accept your spot

You will be notified by University Admissionse when the selection process is completed. If admitted, you are requested to accept your offered spot in the freestanding course. It's important that you accept your spot, or you will not be able to take the course. Please note that a course might be canceled if the number of applications or admitted students is too low.

From application to results (

6. Activate your KTH account and register for your course

Have you been accepted to a course? Congratulations! Before you start your course, it is important that you activate your KTH account and register for your course. 

Everything you need to know as a newly admitted non-programme student (KTH's website for students)

Are you enrolled in a degree programme at KTH?

If you are currently a student enrolled in a degree programme at KTH and interested in applying for a freestanding course for the autumn or spring semester, contact the coordinator of your degree programme. If you want to apply for a summer course at KTH, you can apply directly through

Contact your programme (KTH's website for students)