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Friso comes from The Netherlands. Before coming to Sweden, he completed his first year of the master's programme at TU Delft. Beyond academics he has a passion for rowing and likes spending time on the water.

Friso from The Netherlands

Why did you choose this master's program at KTH?

My background is in Econometrics, a field of mathematical modelling in economics. After my bachelor's studies at an economics-focused university, I was eager to explore the dynamics of a technical university. This programme allows me to apply mathematical modelling and statistics in a broader context, spanning physics, chemistry, and biology. Pursuing a double degree through COSSE allowed me to study at two different technical universities, enhancing my academic experience.  

Moreover, I was drawn to COSSE for its international character. With a diverse mix of alumni and students from around the world, this master's programme promotes interactions with people from various cultural backgrounds. Connecting with international and interdisciplinary peers has not only posed challenges but also encouraged my personal growth.

What are the best aspects of your programme?

One of this programme's standout features is its flexibility in course selection. My specific interest lies in the mathematics of self-learning algorithms, which can be found in courses across both the mathematics and computer science faculties. Additionally, these technologies have applications in fields like biotechnology. COSSE's adaptable curriculum empowers me to tailor my studies to align with my interests, allowing me to choose courses from various schools. 

What are some of your favourite courses so far?

Among my courses, I’m specifically interested in the Advanced Deep Learning course (DD2412). This course delves into advanced topics within deep learning, including generative models, unsupervised learning, uncertainty estimation, and explainable deep learning. What distinguishes this course is that it's also designed for PhD students, allowing me to learn from both my professor and fellow students.  

How is student life in Stockholm?

Living in Stockholm has been an incredible experience. I like the city because of its beautiful architecture and vibrant rhythm. Personally, I enjoy exercising at the city's outdoor gyms and hanging out with friends at its cosy cafes. Living on the KTH campus is excellent; it's just a five-minute walk to the centre of Stockholm, and there's a beautiful lake about 15 minutes away. One of my favourite memories is swimming in the lake and watching the sunset.  

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

Studying is so much more than passing courses. At KTH, you'll find plenty of chances to shape your learning experience while having fun. Stockholm is a vibrant international city, making it easy to make new friends. Good luck selecting a program that matches your dreams!

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