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"Being an international student at KTH, I had access to all of the resources that other students would get"

Marwa comes from Sudan. Her home university is University of Khartoum. She likes swimming and listening to music.

What made you choose KTH, Stockholm and Sweden?

After working over four years in the telecom industry, I wanted to help contribute to the industry and work in research and development. Therefore, I decided that it was time for me to get my master’s degree. I chose Sweden because it is the world leader in the industry. I wanted a programme that mixes the physics aspects and the theory with the engineering aspects and the practice. Therefore, I chose this master’s programme at KTH.

What do you like most about your programme?

The best thing about my programme is its content. It has everything I was looking for, the electromagnetics and the engineering. All of the professors and teaching assistants are very helpful. I get all the support I need. One of the professors even helped me to do extracurricular activities by working in one of the department’s labs.

What are your impressions of Stockholm and Sweden?

I believe I definitely made the right choice. Sweden is very open and welcoming to different people. Different cultures mix in harmony here. Being an international student at KTH, I had access to all of the resources that other students would get. All professors are very supportive. The system is very organised, and one can know one’s course schedule months in advance. I am so fascinated by the laboratories in the university; real research is going on there.

Are there any differences between studying at KTH and your home university?

There are so many differences between KTH and my home university. But the most significant one is here students are encouraged to think and read critically. There is a huge demand in most of the courses for the students to work on projects based on studying scientific papers. These projects are based on groups rather than individual projects.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

KTH is the right choice to grow and develop with all resources available.

What do you see as the most significant aspects of your programme?

That it mixes theory and practice.

Are you taking part in any student activities?

I sometimes join the events organised by the students’ union.

Do you have a dream job after graduating from KTH?

I want to work in research and development in the telecom industry, specifically in 5G.