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How to apply for master's studies

The academic year at KTH starts at the end of August and finishes in early June. It consists of two semesters of 20 weeks each. Application for master's studies starting in 2024 opens in mid-October, and you apply through University Admissions, the Swedish national application system. The last day to apply is 15 January. Some joint programmes have a later application deadline.

1. Choose your programmes

Explore our 63 master's programmes and find one or more programmes that fit your interests. On the programme pages, you can find detailed information about each programme: the courses, career opportunities, sustainability focus, and interviews with students and graduates. If you find it hard to choose, you can also connect with a student from the programme. Note that all programme information is updated before the application opens 16 October. 

List of all master's programmes at KTH

2. Check the admission requirements

You can find the admission requirements for the programmes you want to apply to on the programme pages. There are both general and programme specific requirements. As the number of places for each programme is limited, and admission is highly competitive, meeting the admission requirements is a must for admission. If you think you have the background to meet the requirements, you are ready to start your application.

Admission requirements 

3. Submit your application by 15 January

You apply through University Admissions, the Swedish national application system. Create an account and select your programmes. You can select up to four programmes and rank them in your order of priority.

How to apply to master's programmes (University Admissions)

4. Submit your required documents by 1 February

Submit all required documents to your application at University Admissions by 1 February. We recommend you submit your documents as soon as you have them ready, since early submission will increase your chances of receiving notification if something is missing or considered incomplete. You can find instructions on how to submit your documents and how documentation requirements may differ between countries at University Admissions .

The required documents for each programme is listed on the page for Entry requirements .

5. Pay the application fee by 1 February

If you are not an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you have to pay an application fee of SEK 900. You can pay the fee directly on the University Admission website. If you are not required to pay the fee, you need to prove your citizenship with, for example, a copy of your passport.

Paying the application fee (University Admissions)

6. Check the admission results on 21 March

The admission results are posted in your account at University Admissions on 21 March. You do not need to reply to your offer. If you are admitted, we will contact you and prepare you for your arrival in Stockholm.

Admissions results (University Admissions)

Application consultants

If you need help, our official local consultants can support you in applying free of charge.