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Recognition of prior learning

If you lack the formal qualifications to start an engineering programme, you can have your prior learning assessed in order to still begin or shorten your studies.

What is prior learning?

Prior learning is a term for your overall expertise, regardless of whether you have formal proof of this expertise or not. It can include experience and knowledge from working life, staff training, non-profit association work and parenthood. It can include knowledge from formal, informal and non-formal learning.

The validation process includes a structured assessment, evaluation, documentation and recognition of the knowledge and expertise that you have, regardless of how you have acquired them.

Would you like to have your prior learning assessed? Contact  for support and guidance in this process.

Qualified for a programme through prior learning

If you lack formal qualifications to begin an engineering programme but feel that you have the ability to handle the studies, you can apply to have your prior learning validated to correspond to the basic and/or special entry requirements. You might be eligible if you:

  • Have extensive professional experience.
  • Have unfinished studies combined with professional experience.
  • Post-secondary vocational education and training combined with professional experience.

The higher education institution assesses your prior knowledge by evaluating your expertise based on the intended learning outcomes of the programme in question. This means that the school will determine if you have the knowledge needed to complete the education.

Shorten the programme by having prior learning credited If you feel that you have knowledge from prior learning which corresponds to parts of a programme, you can have this knowledge validated in order to shorten your programme. You can apply to have prior learning credited once you have been admitted to the programme. The validation entails the prior learning being compared to the programme’s courses, contents, and intended learning outcomes. The assessment is made by an expert in each respective course.

Advance decision regarding crediting of later parts through prior learning An application for crediting can only be made once the applicant has been admitted and registered at a programme, but applicants with prior learning can apply for an advance decision. The advance decision is a preliminary assessment of the value of the prior learning and can lead to crediting once the applicant has been admitted and registered at the programme.


If you have any questions regarding prior learning, contact   for support and guidance.