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Andrea works at Automobili Lamborghini

Andrea Macaluso graduated from the master’s programme in Vehicle Engineering in 2017. He got his first job at Automobili Lamborghini, where he completed his master’s degree project.

Andrea Macaluso
Master's programme in Vehicle Engineering

I am Andrea Macaluso and I am from a small city in the north of Italy called Modena. Many of you might have heard of this city, because of its balsamic vinegar or the car manufacturer, Ferrari.

I have always had a great passion about ground vehicles, since the country in which I grew up is considered one of the best for studying the topic. Despite this, after my graduation in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Modena, I decided not to follow the master’s degree at the same university. I chose to leave my home country as I wanted to experience something new and live in a major city.

I then started looking online to find a good programme in Vehicle Engineering and I saw that KTH had what I was looking for.

I really enjoyed my time in Stockholm and at KTH. The city is wonderful and the university is well organized, with the right balance between hard work and leisure time. KTH has taught me a lot of things, one of them being to face different problems every day and solve them independently with the knowledge and tools at your disposal.

What I liked most about KTH is the fact that the university is practically based: the knowledge acquired during the courses can be applied to practical projects in order to comprehend what we are learning immediately. This is one of the biggest differences in the Italian style of teaching, and is one of the biggest challenges I faced, since I was not used to this kind of approach to learning.

The best memories I have of KTH are the amazing people I met, the time I spent in the “garage” working with KTH Formula Student, things that were hated there at the time, but right now I look back at with a smile. KTH was a wonderful period of my life, and I will always remember it as being among some of the best years of my life.

There’s no doubt that KTH has helped me find my current job. I’m working in Automobili Lamborghini, where I completed my master’s degree project. I clearly remember my first interview with the company and they asked me lots of questions about the courses I had taken at KTH and my project with KTH Formula Student.

I’m currently working in the Chassis Department of Lamborghini, in the Vehicle Dynamics team, which is the same team in which I was working in Formula Student at KTH. So I can say that my actual work directly relates to the time I spent at KTH FS.

My plans for the future are to further deepen the field of entrepreneurship and project management, applied to the engineering field. I am very concerned about global pollution and climate change, so I’m trying to contribute with new ideas on this topic, hoping for a better world to come.

If we have made it, then everyone who follows can make it. KTH helps you meet many people from all over the world and make connections. So don’t waste this amazing opportunity. KTH is a major boost in a student’s life.

“To have something you never had, you should make something you never did”.

Good luck to everyone.