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Porous scaffolds of resorbable polyesters for tissue engineering

Research leaders

Prof. Ann-Christine Albertsson
Assist. prof. Anna Finne Wistrand

Project information

This project aims to develop new synthesis pathways of designed functional polymers for medical applications. The primary target is to use advanced polymer architectures to develop a range of polyester materials with varying degradation rates, hydrophilicities and mechanical properties designated for hard and soft tissue regeneration. The use and manufacturing of new monomers and initiator systems are investigated as well as methods to fabricate three-dimensional porous tissue-engineering scaffolds. Interconnected pores of controlled size, placement and dispersal will be incorporated into the synthesized materials by different techniques, in our aim to create scaffolds which may be used to control cell differentiation and/or activate angiogenesis.

Belongs to: Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology
Last changed: Mar 03, 2023