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Gene Technology

The department has twelve research groups active in different areas of genomics and high throughput biology, including mass spectrometry proteomics.

More specifically, the research groups cover experimental genomics, environmental genomics, expression bioinformatics, evolutionary genetics and forensics, regulatory genomics, applied genomics and statistical biotechnology. Please see links to the twelve research groups below.

Recent publication highlights

Gene expression of single cells mapped in tissue sections

Nature, 2023

Spatial transcriptomics of B cell and T cell receptors reveals lymphocyte clonal dynamics

Science, 2023

Large-scale phylogenomics of aquatic bacteria reveal molecular mechanisms for adaptation to salinity

Science Advances, 2023

Discovery of target genes and pathways of blood trait loci using pooled CRISPR screens and single cell RNA sequencing

Science, 2023

Spatially resolved clonal copy number alterations in benign and malignant tissue

Nature, 2022

Transcriptome variation in human tissues revealed by long-read sequencing

Nature, 2022

This department belongs to the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health .

Research groups