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Soft Matter Micro- and Nanoengineering

We research the manipulation of soft matter on the micro- and nanoscale. We engineer both synthetic materials, such as polymers, synthetic gels, and granular materials, and biological and bioderived materials, such as DNA, silk, and living cells. Soft matter structures, including biohybrid structures that integrate synthetic and biological matter, are investigated to study biological phenomena, to form biosensors or to create novel therapeutic formats.

Current research topics

DNA-based nanowires
Cell encapsulation
OSTE polymer
Spider silk micro- and nanostructuring
PDMS microstructuring
Synthetic paper


polymers, thiol-ene, OSTE, PDMS, gel, PEGDA, alginate, silk, spider silk, DNA, PVA, cells, cell microencapsulation, microscaffold, nanoparticles, cell therapy, Rolling Circle Amplification, RCA, bioelectronics, biohybrid structures.

Involved faculty

Faculty working within the research topic soft matter micro- and nanosystems:

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