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FunkBot: Making the city accessible

A project developing and evaluating principles of natural-language navigation systems for people with neuropsychiatric disorders.

The aim of this project is to develop methods and a system (a mobile phone app) to help people with neuropsychiatric disorders to navigate and perform tasks in a complex city environment. This user group often experience problems when navigating, planning, and performing tasks in the city due to diminished information-processing and spatial abilities. Our hypothesis is that instructions based on landmarks, more akin to how humans give instructions to one another, are much more effective than the use of distances, compass directions, street names, etc., that other navigation systems use.

The project is a collaboration between KTH, LIquid Media AB, and Riksförbundet Attention.


Funding: PTS, Vinnova, Promobilia

Runs until 2021-01-01