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Cultural right of public access

Exploring technologies for sustainable practices in the built environment and innovation of place by means of artistic practice, pedagogy, architecture, urban planning, visual culture and ethnography.

Photo: Miro Sazdic

Based in the municipality of Södertälje this is a pilot project, part of the PhD project ‘Sloyd- how to manifold historiographies’. The Phd is concerned with broadening participation and introducing intersectional perspectives with regard to artistic practices, amongst children and young people. A central question to the research is how this specific activity can raise a plurality of voices in society and create alternative historiographies. ‘Sloyd- how to manifold Historiographies’ is developed in collaboration with researchers and professionals.
The pilot project is focused around the setting up of a mobile venue for art education beyond syllabi, institutions, economic, political, social and ideological interests. The collaborative building of a mobile site allows for interactions across world views and experiential boundaries. Collectively, we aim to investigate in what ways creative practices can become meaningful tools for children and young people to explore their own questions about what it means to be in the world today: how to make, name, materialize, portray and share the worlds they are part of.


Miro Sazdic Löwstedt, Konstfack, .
Meike Schalk, KTH.