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Ellen Bergseth

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About me

Ellen has been an Associate professor at the Department of Engineering Design (former Dep. Machine Design) since 2022. She applies her research to problems mainly in the automotive and railway industries. For example, speeding up electrification by increasing drivetrain efficiency and supporting decision-making to regulate harmful wearing particles from various transport modes. Common to these areas is to understand and monitor the contact behaviour between machine elements and predict tribological failure modes. Ellen has long experience in tribological testing and mechanical interfacial modelling of machine elements and monitoring wear transitions using various measurement techniques. Her research supports decisions made during the early phases of product development, essential for the whole product life cycle. Experiences of research activities as a visiting researcher between 2016 and 2019 in a Swedish automotive company have given Ellen valuable insight into real-world problems. The daily work of engineers inspired her to learn the mindset of systems engineering. Lately, she has started to establish Rail Systems Engineering in a Swedish context. She is the programme director for the Railway master's program at KTH and mainly teaches in the Mechanical Engineering, Product and Realization, and Vehicle Engineering five-year programs.

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Ongoing reseach projects

nPETS, EffiGears, FriText

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Visiting Address: Brinellvägen 85, room A423


2020-. Associate editor Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology.

2020-. Member of the steering committee in ECO2 Vehicle Design. The Centre focuses on vehicle design, targeting environmentally friendly and economically competitive rail and road vehicles in a sustainable transport system.

2021-. Member of the steering committee in KTH Railway group, a multidisciplinary research Centre with over 20 years of experience. It consists of nine research groups, each representing one or more disciplines, which cover all competencies in the railway area.

2018. The Jacob Wallenberg grant for research and development in the field of material science.

2016-2019. Guest researcher (part-time), Diagnostic Architecture and Gearbox development, SCANIA CV AB, Sweden.

2016-2018. Strategic partnership coordinator SCANIA-KTH, KTH Business Liaison.

Experience of supervising three graduated PhD students, two PhD students in progress.

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CAD 3D-modelling and Visualization (MF2019), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Machine Design, First Cycle (MF130X), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Machine Design, Second Cycle (MF213X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Machine Design, Second Cycle (MF223X), teacher | Course web

Modell-Based Design, Adaption Course (MF2054), assistant | Course web

Product realization - Engineering Design (MF1045), teacher | Course web

Research Methodology in Machine Design (MF2072), teacher | Course web

Sustainable development and research methodology in engineering mechanics (SA2002), examiner, teacher | Course web

Systems Engineering (MF2011), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web