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Elias Flening

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Elias Flening is a Researcher in Project Management at the Division of Network and Systems Engineering (NSE), with a focus on the interplay between perceived complexity and expertise within engineering development work. His doctoral research scrutinized the inherent challenges within engineering development projects to investigate the relationship between perceptions of expertise and complexity in the lived experiences of engineers.

His interest in organizational research fundamentally stems from two points of care: First, a strong curiosity about the low-level and seemingly mundane details of work as a lived experience; Second, the well-established positive correlation between objective measure of performance and subjective well-being. Simply put, he finds intellectual stimulation in investigating the concrete details to how engineers (i.e., my friends) are faring at work.

He has previously been a research assistant at Stockholm School of Economics in various research projects, mostly relating to activity-based office design and development. Also retained is a strong professional and personal interest in Japan, having studied and lived there over two periods.


Degree Project in Electrical Engineering, First Cycle (EF112X), teacher | Course web

Embedded Systems Design Project (IL2232), assistant, teacher | Course web

Management of Projects (EH2720), course responsible, teacher, assistant | Course web

Project Course in Electrical Engineering (EH1010), teacher, course responsible | Course web

Project Course in Electrical Engineering, part II (EN1020), teacher | Course web

Project Management and Business Development (EH2070), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Research Methodology in Mechatronics (MF2071), teacher | Course web

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