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Frederico Marques Penha

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About me

                                                             (Please, call me Fred)

I have joined the Chemical Engineering department under the Division of Resource Recovery as Assistant Professor in 2021.

My scientific career is focused on the application of classical separation operations to new contexts aiming at further improvements in the efficiency and sustainability of industrial processes. Among the classical technologies, my expertise is crystallization and membrane separation processes.

My research interests include:

  • novel crystallization techniques and approaches

  • nucleation and polymorph control

  • membrane processes

  • process integration and intensification

  • wastewater/effluent treatment

🌈  My pronouns are: he, him.

On-going projects:

  • CRITERIA: Critical raw material from treatment and recovery of mining tailings and waste dumps in a circular economy perspective. This project is part of the Doctoral Networks framework within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, in collaboration with PoliTo (DN coordinator), UNICAL, IST, UPC, and several industrial partners.
  • ABTOMAT: Utilization of aluminium bearing raw materials for the production of aluminium metal, other metals and compounds
  • SYMBIOREM: improve the effectiveness, sustainability, circularity and cost-efficiency of bioremediation and revitalisation strategies for soils, sediments, surface water and groundwater
  • Projects with Niobium (Collaboration between the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and KTH):
    • Crystallization of niobium compounds and their use in batteries for clean energy developments (STINT initiation grant)
    • INOVA Nióbio: Obtaining high purity niobium compounds from mineral and metallic raw materials (CNPq-Brazil)
  • BioChem: Production of sustainable and pure chemicals from waste-derived volatile fatty acids

Co-founder of the PhD IMPACT: an independent initiative from different branches of KTH staff (HR, Equality Office, professors and PhD students) to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment, creating safe spaces for open dialogues about gender- and diversity-related matters.

Member of the CBH JML group: from Swedish, Jämställdhet, Mångfald och Likabehandling (JML) stands for equality, diversity and equal treatment.


Chemical Equilibrium (CK1285), teacher | Course web

Chemical Equilibrium (CK1280), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Chemical Engineering and Technology, First Cycle (KH138X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Chemical Engineering, Second Cycle (KE200X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Engineering Chemistry, First Cycle (KA103X), assistant | Course web

Degree Project in Technology and Learning, Second Cycle (LT200X), teacher | Course web

Experimental Process Design (KE2195), teacher | Course web

Process Design for Industry and Society (KE2325), teacher | Course web

Project in Chemical Engineering (KE2910), examiner | Course web

Project in Chemical Engineering (KE2905), examiner | Course web

Resource recovery from waste (KE2355), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Separation Processes (KE2185), teacher | Course web