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Anna Kadefors

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In 2016, I was appointed as a Professor in Real Estate Management at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. The professorship is supported by a broad group of building owners and other organizations active in real estate management, public as well as private. Important research areas are how real estate management and owners are affected by broader trends and challenges such as climate transition, social sustainability and digitalization. 

Much of my research has focused on trust and collaboration in inter-organizational relationships, both in construction projects and in facility management. Other key areas are processes of learning and innovation in the built environment, especially related to sustainability. I also have a background as the project leader of the national Strong Research Environment ProcSIBE, Procurement for Sustainable Innovation in the Built Environment, financed by Formas (2014-2021). 


Construction Management (AI2809), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Degree Project in Architectural Design and Construction Project Management, Second Cycle (AI281X), examiner | Course web

Facility Management (AI2117), course responsible | Course web

Knowledge Management and Evaluation (AI2806), course responsible, teacher | Course web